Saturday, March 26, 2011

Wow.  This is actually kind of embarrassing.  I haven't posted in a whole month?  I don't know.  Just wasn't into it.  And when you're not into it - you're NOT into it.

It's blowing me away that this is the last week of March.  Where did the time gooooo?  Everyone's been complaining about what a long winter it's been but I have felt the complete opposite.  January flew because of all that SNOW!!!  February flew because it was so crazy around here.  Those cleaning people were in my house every day for the whole 4 weeks.  (Remember the "fire":?  Aghhh)

 That sucked.  Yea - the house got cleaned from top to bottom but it also created a TON of work for me.  Forced to really de-clutter and haul away sooooo much crap!

And then in March, my daughter was in a skating performance - her first solo!  It took up the whole first half of March (and it was a moment I will never forget as long as I live!)

When I think of all the hours I have spent in an icy cold skating rink, watching every second of her practices and every minute of her coached lessons - I know I wouldn't have missed it for the world.  That one shiny moment when I held my breath for exactly 1 minute and 41 seconds?  Priceless.  The tears?  The purest joy...

Then I headed down to Virginia Beach with my two running buddies - Laurel and Robin - to cheer them on in their 3rd half marathon.  It was the funnest (is that a word?) weekend I have had in a very long time and lord did I need it!  We headed out at 4am and just tooled down watching the thermometer rise and rise until it was 86 degrees and we just HAD to stop and eat lunch IN A CEMETERY!

The best part of this little trip was the lack of agendas.  No schedules, no appointments, no time frames...the ONLY place we had to be was at that starting line on Sunday and I didn't even have to be there!!!  You learn very quickly that starting lines are not fun when you aren't running.  So I just slept in and cheered them to the finish 2 hours later.  One of the interesting parts of this trip was giving up control.  I can be quite the control freak.  LOL!  But Robin is even worse than me!  SO that was very interesting.  I think we both discovered that it's quite nice being out of control!  And no alcohol involved!  I repeat!  NO ALCOHOL INVOLVED!  WOW!!!!!!  Who knew you could laugh so much with out drinking?????

So anyway - that's why my winter flew.  And now some of my daffodils are blooming and I see perennials up all over the place.  AND I have been back at it - pounding the pavement.  Haven't really run much since the half marathon last June.  Pounding the pavement is actually a misnomer.  Becauseeeee - I've been pounding the forest floor!  Yes - I have been dabbling in trail running and I really like it!  So stay tuned for more of THAT!

Ok - boring blog post.  Perhaps one of my most!  Hoping to get back to it better and soon.  Until then...oh dear - did I tell you we may be getting chickens?  Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh - ROLL MY EYES.

Ummmm - joy?