Saturday, November 17, 2012

Power-saw to the People????? EEEKKKKK!

There is a direct correlation for me, between blogging and catching JOY.  I haven't blogged in over 6 weeks and as I look back, I can see that the number of captured JOY moments have gone down.  I think that is a significant conclusion.  After all - catching JOY is JOYful!  Missing JOYful moments because you are not tuned in, is regrettable.  I am not suggesting that everyone should blog so they can catch more JOY in their life!  But perhaps I, personally, should blog more so I stay more in the JOY moment in my life.  At any rate - it's something for me to think about...

Unfortunately, I am having "bloggers block" right now.  It is not the only block in my life either.  I am having "READER'S block" too and that is not a good thing.  Books have been my passion since the the day I learned to read.  I don't often go through this block so it's surprising that this is the second very long reading dry spell I have gone through in 3 years.  I have unsuccessfully started to read 3 recommended books in that last 3 months and can't get through them:

The Night Circus
The Distant Hours (written by a fav author Kate Morton)
Major Pettigrew's Last Stand

What is WRONG with me?????

I need a page turner!  Anyone?????? 

I am catching JOY watching a very "weird" tv show.  First of all, I don't even WATCH tv except for Parenthood these days.  (Caught on computer each week.)  But, you will recall, I blogged last year about how my husband and I started watching Downton Abby as a way of spending some quality share time together.  (Watching kids shows and movies is not my gig but he will sit there for hours watching that crap with the kids.  I decided it was time for some adult living room time and chose Downton Abby as a place to start and we liked it a lot.)

Well - Abby ended and I was looking around for a new show to get caught up in and Dexter kept popping up as a show people seemed to really be in to so I borrowed the first season.

YIKES!!!!  Ummmm - not exactly what I was thinking - a serial killer who murders serial killers/murderers?????  After the first episode of season 1, I was like - nooooo, this definitely is NOT my "cup of tea".  It was stressing me out, grossing me out, freaking me out - but I forged on.  We are now on Season 3!!!!  LOL.  This crazy ass show has addicted us!!!  I can even eat a full meal while watching Dexter Morgan do his bloody "thang".  What does that make me?


Oh well, as I always say - it IS, what it IS...and when I run out of Netflix episodes, I wait anxiously for the next dvd to arrive in the mailbox.  Worse than that?  When it does arrive, I skip all the way back up the driveway with a mixture of glee and JOY on my face!  THAT'S TWISTED!  LOL!!!!  BUT - whatever it takes to catch JOY, I always say!

Hope to "catch" you again sooner rather than later.  Happy weekend!