Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Sweetest Revenge

Today, my heart was broken.  Today - against my will - as executrix of my mother and father's estate, I had to sign a "Listing Agreement".  Tomorrow, against my will, my mother and father's home - MY childhood home - my family's legacy from my parents - my parents' lifelong work in progress - their DREAM - will go on the market.  Did I say it was against my will? 

As I returned to my own beautiful sanctuary home

 - my heart as heavy as it has ever been - I found this on my doormat.  

Can you see it??  Can you see it???  Look closely.  

I puzzled for a few seconds as I picked it up off the mat and then I came to my senses.  Of COURSE!  My client AND friend, Linda, had painted it for me and dropped it there as she walked out of my house after working out - for me to randomly find.  Linda did not have any idea what I had to do with my heavy heart this morning.  Timing is everything, isn't it?

I also found this nearby.  

She is a very cool and dear person.  Did I mention creative and passionately, artistically talented?  With the hugest (is that a word?) heart?

So - I went about my day and as I was homeward bound for the final time today, I received this text from my dear friend, Missy.

And so I did.  Because that's what you do when your heart is heavy.  You tell them to stick it up their a**es deny the JOY suckers.  You stand up

and you choose JOY.  

And that is the sweetest revenge of all...