Sunday, June 28, 2015

Day 1 of Year 59

EEEK - did you READ that title??  How on God's green earth did THAT happen??  Thank goodness I can still catch JOY!

Yes - I am still here and I am still catching it.  Fleeting at times, (3 teenagers in the house?) but none the less - I catch it.  Last time I wrote on this blog was like - September?  THAT is also crazy.  Time just flies whether it's hot and humid, whether the snow is pounding us (or never stopping, as in the winter of 2015), or even if it feels like it's standing still - as in standing in line at the grocery store when I am in a huge hurry.

The other day I got my driver's license renewed and I always look at the expiration date whenever I get it renewed and marvel at how long in the future that date is.  Yet, it always arrives and takes me by surprise.  I always reflect on the past 6 years and beyond.  But this year I looked to the future and gasped.  In 6 years, I will be 64.  My youngest will be entering her sophomore year in college.  My oldest - a college senior.  WHATTTT??????  Now - I AM scared.  Because the last time I renewed my license, my youngest was entering 3rd grade.  Just saying'...

But how can I complain?

This post has been written over a few days and is a brain dump, so forgive the incontinuity!  LOL - is that a word?  Anyway...

You know what gave me JOY today (it's now Sunday.  I started this last Monday)?  ERADICATING PANTRY MOTHS!  Uggggghhhhhhh - I don't UNDERSTAND!!!!  Why do they keep coming into my house?  So hate them.  But I spent my day cleaning every nook and cranny of that pantry and all is in balance till I see one of  those little flying b$st$rds again!!!! for me right now.

I'm so excited!  Summer session at The Fitness Connection begins tomorrow and I only have to work 2 - YES TWO!!!! nights each week all summer!  It's such a treat and it really calms my day when I know that whatever I'm doing all day long - I get to go/stay home and not have to work that night!  That's not to say that I don't love my training and love my babes but it IS a nice treat!!

I was just texting with a friend and I was telling her that I was having a problem adjusting to a new skating schedule with my daughter and my son was off from camp till the 6th and I just hadn't settled in to my summer yet.  As I continued to tell her about me and my summer, I discovered something.  I told her that I have been on the beach a lot because "'s the only place I can STOP.  It forces me to be still and mindful - the only place I feel like I slowwwww down."  So psyched.  I realized the beach is my place to be still.  I have gravitated there forever but now I know why!  Beach JOY!

Do you know I have THREE teenagers in the house?  Just thought I'd mention that again...

So, today was supposed to be surfing day at Narragansett. But alas - RAIN.  Soooo - Tuesday is supposed to be sunnyyyyyy.  That's the day.  I don't surf.  My son surfs.  But I am contemplating going out there.  I probably won't...LOL.  Bet that would bring some JOY though!  But so does reading on the beach...hmmmmm - surf/read?  surf/read?  I'll probably read...

Speaking of reading - I just finished a book called Child 44.  Ummmmm - omg.  So I hated history in school.  Dates, names, memorize, fail tests...but historical fiction has really educated me.  Is it accurate?  I'm guessing yes.  I know it's fiction, but writers do their research so I'm going with YES.  I've read alotttt of Holocaust books and really loved them, as horrifying as they sometimes are, but the last few years I've read about history from different perspectives such as Polish refugees fleeing while Russia plowed through, the state of life in Leningrad during the 30s and 40s, the Armenian holocaust (WHO KNEW???).  Child 44 was life in Stalin's era and a bit post-Stalin, in Soviet Union Russia.  It was, to say the least, a horrifying eyeopener.  I am happy I experienced so much stress - thanks Renee read the book.  But how frightening to live in constant fear.  Those poor souls.  Not especially JOYful but I do enJOY being enlightened to this history - as horrible as it was.

Now, I'm reading Zero Day by David Balducci.  He is always good for education about our special forces and a stimulating mystery.

Ok - last incontinuent (is that a word?) pool is almost open!!!!!!!!  I KNOW!!!  It's freaking July 4th week!!!  That's what a cracked pipe and being at the mercy of the pool companies will do to ya!  I do not care!  I see blue water!!!  Don't you?!!

  Ok - I'm done today.  I know this was kind of a boring post.  SORRY!  LOL.

Hey - BTW,