Monday, February 27, 2012

DYNASTY - Circa 1912

I don't watch television.


No TV read a book

Seriously.  I used to watch TV all the time - before kids...

But then they came along 1-2-3 and the last thing I had time to do was watch TV.  Then they started watching TV.  Sorry folks.  I just ain't your Lion King, Sesame Street, Spongebob Squarepants kinda Mom.  I just can't sit there for hours and  get into it.  BAD MOM!  I can barely tolerate an animated movie at the theater.  And I rarely do.  In fact I took my crew - all under 13 - to see Wanderlust the other day because I'm a BAD MOM.  It was QUITE inappropriate, BTW.  Ooops...  Now my husband?  He will sit there every night watching kid crap with my three little pigs.  I can't remember the last time my husband and I watched an adult TV show together.  A movie - maybe.  A Yankees game - many.  But a TV show?  I just quietly sneak away to bed to read a book (no, not on a Nook!), Pinterest (ADDICTED), Facebook, etc. etc. etc.

I DO follow one show.  I LOVE Parenthood.  LOVE IT.  And I am so sad the season finale is tomorrow night.  Technically, I don't even watch THAT on TV.  I watch it on my laptop - about 4 episodes at a clip!  I used to watch Grays Anatomy and Private Practice too but I can't seem to fit it in between Words With 

Friends and Scramble into my busy nighttime schedule anymore.  I will go back and watch them on DVD though.  I love those shows.  I just couldn't catch up before they took the episodes off the ABC website.

And I also LOVED Friday Night Lights.  Sigh - all done.  I miss those Texans!

Anyway - there is a point to this post.  Around Christmas time, I started hearing some whispers about Downton Abbey.  I had NO CLUE what the hell it was.  I didn't even know it was a TV show!  Which wouldn't have made a lick of difference because I have no clue about any of those shows - Dexter, Revenge, Smash, CSI this and CSI that.  I don't watch TV!!!!!!

Then I heard a little more about Downton Abbey.  Then I was seeing Facebook posts about it.  You know - Facebook - the only place to get your news?  Seriously - it IS the only place I get my news.  I work right through the morning news and talk shows and I work through the evening news local and Worldwide.  Thank GOODNESS for Facebook!!!!

Anyway - I was tuning into one of those shows on a Saturday or Sunday morning - The Today Show maybe?  And they did a whole SEGMENT on the rising popularity of GUESS WHAT?


Well - I just had to see for myself.  So I suggested to my hub that maybe the time had come for us to watch a TV show together instead of him watching kid crap or flipping channels for hours while I lost my mind.  I told him about this new show that was getting alot of press.  Lo and behold - he agreed!  I found it on Wii Netflix and the rest is history.  Mr. and Mrs. M are HOOKED.  JOYJOYJOY!

It started out a bit flat.  But we stuck with it.  We are now on Season 1, Episode 7.  It is gettin' GOOD!!!!!  (Shhhhh - do NOT tell Mr. M that he's watching a nighttime soap opera...think Dynasty set in 1912...heehee)  

So, catch some JOY!  Downton Abbey on PBS.  I think the season finale was last week but in my life, TV has no schedule.  In this day and age?  It's pure JOY!  You can watch practically anything whenever you want.  Perhaps, after 12 TVless years, my re-entry has begun.




  1. LOL, your killing me. Facebook for all the news, love it. But, if I may....Dexter, gotta check it out.