Saturday, September 22, 2012


What a week!  Catching JOY all over the place.  Despite the b*tching I do, my life is blessed and this week proves it over and over again.

Last Friday, my besties and I drove up to a cabin in the Adirondak Mountains in New York state.  Is anyone familiar with that indescribable feeling?  The one where you climb in the car and the second the door closes, you never look back?  You decompress and enter that "in the moment" state all in the same breath.  That's where I lived the whole weekend.

The blend of personalities of us besties is so amazing.  Everyone is low key.  No one is in control freak mode.  (Although at least 3 of us live in that category most of the time.)  AND we all love FOOD!!!!!!  First words out of my mouth when I found out a few months back that we had secured the weekend?  I'm ON the food!  Oh the places we went in food land!  We each took 2 meals - I had a dinner and a breakfast.  Could it be any easier????  I felt like I didn't stop eating for 3 days straight!

Seriously - we DID do other things.   We climbed 3579 feet to the top of Pillsbury Mountain (should I tell you about the BEAR hunter we ran into up there?  Eeeeek - who knew it was opening day of BEAR season!!!)  and canoed for 3 hours on Lake Pleasant.  

We lollygagged (I looked it up.  It's a real word!) in front of a blazing fire and we kicked each other's butts in cards (well - I didn't do any kicking but...) till the wee hours of the morning.  Hmmm - what else did we do?  Ummmmmm - hmmmmm, I know  Nope.  That's all we did...LAUGH OUT LOUD!!  Yup.  That's it, folks!!!

Can you catch anymore JOY than that??  Well actually you can - stay tuned!

I also came home to these.  Actually, on Sat. morning I received this text from my better half:

Then I came home to these...


Alas - reality bites and the routine starts all over again.  But somehow - even though I hit the ground running, there's a spring in my step and I bask in the crisp, sunny fall days and cool, sleeping weather nights.  My absolute favorite time of year.  New beginnings abound as we head-on to the holidays.

My oldest son made the middle school cross country team and his first meet was Wednesday afternoon.  Yet another JOYful afternoon watching my boy run his first race - completely untrained - and finish in the top third.  It is so bitter-sweet to see my beautiful boy follow in my running steps.  When did he get old enough to run on a x-country team?  How could he possibly be a teenager in exactly 3 weeks?  Weren't we just packing him up in the car, taking him home from the hospital and looking at each other saying, "How could they send us home so soon???  We have no idea what we are doing!" 

But then - he asks me this morning if I wanted to go for a run with him.  There was no decision.  My boy wanted me at his side.  No greater JOY than that.  My beautiful boy wants me by his side...


  1. Sounds like your cup runeth over with Joy. What a great weekend, Fall, mountains, hiking, good friends. And to top it off, running WITH your son...I get it. Good for you.