Saturday, November 17, 2012

Power-saw to the People????? EEEKKKKK!

There is a direct correlation for me, between blogging and catching JOY.  I haven't blogged in over 6 weeks and as I look back, I can see that the number of captured JOY moments have gone down.  I think that is a significant conclusion.  After all - catching JOY is JOYful!  Missing JOYful moments because you are not tuned in, is regrettable.  I am not suggesting that everyone should blog so they can catch more JOY in their life!  But perhaps I, personally, should blog more so I stay more in the JOY moment in my life.  At any rate - it's something for me to think about...

Unfortunately, I am having "bloggers block" right now.  It is not the only block in my life either.  I am having "READER'S block" too and that is not a good thing.  Books have been my passion since the the day I learned to read.  I don't often go through this block so it's surprising that this is the second very long reading dry spell I have gone through in 3 years.  I have unsuccessfully started to read 3 recommended books in that last 3 months and can't get through them:

The Night Circus
The Distant Hours (written by a fav author Kate Morton)
Major Pettigrew's Last Stand

What is WRONG with me?????

I need a page turner!  Anyone?????? 

I am catching JOY watching a very "weird" tv show.  First of all, I don't even WATCH tv except for Parenthood these days.  (Caught on computer each week.)  But, you will recall, I blogged last year about how my husband and I started watching Downton Abby as a way of spending some quality share time together.  (Watching kids shows and movies is not my gig but he will sit there for hours watching that crap with the kids.  I decided it was time for some adult living room time and chose Downton Abby as a place to start and we liked it a lot.)

Well - Abby ended and I was looking around for a new show to get caught up in and Dexter kept popping up as a show people seemed to really be in to so I borrowed the first season.

YIKES!!!!  Ummmm - not exactly what I was thinking - a serial killer who murders serial killers/murderers?????  After the first episode of season 1, I was like - nooooo, this definitely is NOT my "cup of tea".  It was stressing me out, grossing me out, freaking me out - but I forged on.  We are now on Season 3!!!!  LOL.  This crazy ass show has addicted us!!!  I can even eat a full meal while watching Dexter Morgan do his bloody "thang".  What does that make me?


Oh well, as I always say - it IS, what it IS...and when I run out of Netflix episodes, I wait anxiously for the next dvd to arrive in the mailbox.  Worse than that?  When it does arrive, I skip all the way back up the driveway with a mixture of glee and JOY on my face!  THAT'S TWISTED!  LOL!!!!  BUT - whatever it takes to catch JOY, I always say!

Hope to "catch" you again sooner rather than later.  Happy weekend!


  1. Oh yeah, Dexter brings me joy for sure, my favorite show. If you're looking for suggestions, find season 1 of Homeland...very good.

  2. I started watching Parenthood this year after recovery from brain surgery kept me on the couch, and now I am hooked.
    I agree with you about blogging.......when you write about your life and all, you do appreciate it take time to experience the joy, instead of rushing right on by.