Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sometimes the Questions Are Complicated and the Answers Are Simple

My friend AND blog friend, Karen, posted something cool and fun this morning.  With her permission, I am stealing the idea.

I am:   55 years young and in complete shock over it.  When the HELL did THAT happen???

I think: I have an UNBELIEVABLE amount of amazing people in my life.
I know: the long life, health and well being of my 3 little pigs is THE most important thing to me.
I want:  to retire in a teeny, cozy cabin on a lake (or beach) with a big fireplace and a screened in porch to sleep on in the summer. 

I have:  so much to be grateful for and I need to remember that when I'm bitching about sh*t!
I dislike:   that I don't have ALOT more free time.
I miss: my Michael when he was in the first 2 years of life.  I STILL ache for that time.  It was perfect.  And I already miss when he grows up and leaves me.  You know - when he's 50?  His photo is going on the Xtra Large setting!  LOL!

I fear:  Oh NO.  You're not getting that outta me!  I can't tell you.  I do not want to put it out there - Law of Attraction and all...
I feel:  like our government and our healthcare systems are irretrievably broken.
I hear:  that the teen years will totally be worse than the first 12 with my 3 little pigs!  Read it and weep.  
I smell: roasted peppers!
I crave:  cheesecake.  I always crave cheesecake!  Just pure cheesecake.  No pumpkin, no chocolate, no salted caramel, no cherry topping, no fresh strawberries - just pure cheesecake.

I search: constantly for information to make me better at who I am.  How to be a better mother, a skilled coach, a results driven trainer, an informed and happy reader; the best way to feed my body, how to live a long, healthy life, how to avoid Alzheimers (lol - no really); how to clean the house (no seriously - give me the skinny on how to do this and not suck up my life on a daily basis), a more efficient way to organize my house;  the list is ENDLESS!  
I wonder: where exactly you go when your time on earth is over.

I regret:  not living alone for a longer time.
I love: aside from the "usual" - kids, husband, family etc., I LOVE my girlfriends!!!!
I care: about how my body looks way too much.
I am always:  looking for the "best" book ever!!

I worry:  very little.  I am one of those people that finds worrying a total waste of time.  But alas - the teen years are a comin'!  Eeeek! 
I remember: a lot less than I used to!!!  My BFF used to call me the VAULT.  Now?  Not so much. 
I sing:  like Lucy Ricardo.  It's not pretty...

I argue: way less than I used to.  OMGGGGGG - it's a family trait - trust me.  If I find myself reverting back to those days, I really try to walk away.
I write: because I LOVE to express myself.
I lose: respect for people who refuse to abide by "never talk about politics or religion".  Shut UP already.  Your opinion is NOT fact!!  Unless it agrees with mine.
I wish: I would win Powerball.   My husband and I could retire today and just live.  I could definitely live happily ever after that way.  
I listen:  every Spring to hear the first early morning birds sing.
I don't understand:  how life has gone so fast.
I can usually be found:  in a skating rink at my computer, in the gym, or lying in bed with a good book.
I am scared that I won't ever figure out how to STAY in the moment and then my life on earth will be over
I need:  more vacations.  That's not asking for much.  I'm not your - jump on a plane and travel the world type of girl - give me a stack of books, house in the sand, a condo on the ski slopes, a cabin in the mountains on a lake (don't forget that fireplace and screened in porch!) and I'm in heaven on earth.
I forget: ALOT!!!!!  But I really wish I could remember that "madly in love" kind of feeling.  I mean - there's nothing wrong with how a marriage "ages" like a fine wine.  But wouldn't it be great if you could capture that passion of the first year of life with your Babe for your lifetime?  Don't EVEN try to convince me that YOU have it going on.  I don't believe you. 
I am happy: and blessed to have SO many people in my life that are such good souls, who care about me, who I easily care about back.  They ARE my JOY.  There were many years in the past 55, when I didn't have a lot of souls in my life that were important to me.  I am positive this is where I am supposed to be, that my quest to catch JOY is my earthly mission, that LOVE is the key that opens everything. 

The End.

Seriously - choose JOY


  1. Ok, a couple things. Could you please share with me your art of, not worrying. Would love to know the secret. I'm worried about 10 things as I write this.

    "I lose"--ooops. Sorry about that.

    "I forget"- Your next to last sentence cracked me up.

    Very cool post. I'm pretty sure all my questions are answered.

  2. I will be 55 this year too...and I simply cannot believe it...really....where DOES the time go??? Happy Sunday!

  3. I need to worry less too! Maybe as I get older that will happen.

  4. I don't know how you have missed the worry gene, but you are lucky lucky lucky if you can truly be worryless.

    Great answers, I enjoyed reading your version :-)... THE VAULT!!!.. lol..that's cute!