Saturday, June 29, 2013


So - I'm working on something.  

WHATTTTTTTT?  Joey WORKING ON SOMETHING??????  For those of you who know me well - I'm ALWAYS working on something.  Whether it be physical, mental, crazy - always got somethin' goin' on.

Lately, life has been somewhat overwhelming and while I have always had it going on with my Universe, God, Law of Attraction, The Secret - it's been tough to stay with it all the time given what life hands you sometimes.  Catching JOY has been a bit of a struggle as of late.  

 So I bought this book.  I liked the concept.  For me - getting back to my trust in what the universe can do for my my spirituality because I've been a slacker lately.   

For others - getting back to their God.  Whatever your gig is...the point of the book is that energy, power and even miracles - actually, especially miracles - are here, now and available to everyone.  I have ALWAYS believed this but as I said, sometimes life gets in the way.

Anyway - so the book offers 9 experiments to put you back in touch.  For example - experiment #1 has you spending 48 hours looking for a gift, blessing, sign - something unmistakeable - that proves there is this invisible energy force or field of infinite possibilities.  I won't go into the details, but rest assured - I got mine in less than 48 hours!!!!  I also manifested something specific - which was the assignment for Experiment #4.  But, it's actually Experiment #2, I want to fill you in on!

So Experiment #2 is essentially a 48 hour experiment designed to make you more "aware" that when you begin to think about something - you draw it into your life.  That what you see in life is none other than what you look for.  It is designed to prove that it's possible to find anything you look for and by changing what you look for, you can radically change what shows up in your world.  

Hmmmmm - are you making the Catch Joy As It Flies By connection???  Ummmm - yeaaa-aa-aaa!!!

As an example - have you ever bought a new car and suddenly, that's all you see on the road???  We bought a Toyota Sienna back in 2007 and I had never laid eyes on one in my life.  As soon as we bought it, everywhere I looked, there were Toyota Siennas!  And not in different colors!  ALL steel gray like ours!  WTH!!!????

So this was the experiment in a nutshell.  It was very simple.  For 48 hours, you just had to actively look for certain things.  The first 24 hours, you had to intentionally look for green cars.  The experiment also said if green cars wasn't your gig, you could change it and look for creamy beige colored vehicles.

The 2nd 24 hours, you had to intentionally look for yellow butterflies.

Ok!  I can totally do this!!!!  I will look for green cars and yellow butterflies.  Easy, peasy.

So at 9:33am on June 21st, driving down the road to meet my bestie Diane for coffee on the beach, I started looking for green cars.  I'm all ready - recording the time so I knew my 24 hour window's start and finish.  I could feel my body sitting up straighter behind the wheel.  Ready, set, GO!!!!  

First car...Creamy Beige.  Ok, no problem.  It wasn't like I was supposed to manifest a green car right from the get go...

Second car...Creamy Beige.  Haaa, you're so funny, Universe...they DO say, the Universe has a sense of humor...

Third car...

CREAMY BEIGE.  Ummmm - hello, Earth to Universe!  I chose GREEN cars???  Remember?  Not Creamy Beige cars????  Yoohooooooooo...

What's that old saying? "Just when you thought you had all the answers..."  Or is it, "We make plans and God laughs"?  Woohoooooo - someone's having fun with me!!!

Anyway - I continued on my journey to Beach Donuts for a birthday donut  the coffee shop for a cuppa Joe, and saw no green cars.  Suddenly I realized something.  

I was driving a green vehicle.  Haaaaaa - another zinger, Universe, funny...

Then I pulled into the parking lot of the place and there it was, my first green vehicle!  And it was exactly like the one I was driving - green Ford Ranger pick-up truck.  Now I'm LMFAO because the universe apparently really DOES have a sense of humor!

Ok - so I grab 2 donuts a cup of coffee and get in my green Ford Ranger pick-up truck and start to back out of the parking space.  And I'm like - OK, gotta look for those green cars!  Then I'm thinking, "Wow - tomorrow's assignment may be tough.  Yellow butterflies?  First of all - I usually see a ton of them in July and August but not typically in June."  

But I was ok, because it didn't necessarily have to be live butterflies.  It could be on a piece of stationary, on a paper cup, a picture on a poster - just had to be a yellow butterfly.  So all this yellow butterfly self talk is happening as I back out of the parking space.  I put the truck in DRIVE and as I'm heading out of the lot, I glance over to the storefront next to the coffee shop.



  1. This was great fun reading, you do crack me up, love your writing. But seeing that Yellow butterfly.....I'm going to get that book. Cool. Way to "Catch Joy"

  2. Sounds like a book I should read! Our habit of resistant thought is the only thing that ever keeps us from allowing the things we desire. Positive vibrations are a must...thanks for sharing!

  3. I bought this book after reading about it here. In experiment #2 I chose to be aware of blue cars throughout the day, and man, blue cars were coming at me from all directions. Eye opening.