Wednesday, February 5, 2014


What a JOY sucker vacations can be.  


Welllll - not really...LOL - but TRAVELING on vacation in the airline system?  Now THAT is a JOY sucker!!!  Without boring the crap out of you, let's just say, it sucked up some of the vacation JOY like a vacuum cleaner - for sure.  


It will take a bit to block out the - getting home hell - and recall the sunny, lay on my lounge chair for 4 days and read JOY.  I know I can recover it - but for now?  I need to focus on a different JOY.

It's called HOME.  It's called kid hugs, my bed, my quiet early mornings, my silent New England snowfalls, my awesome understanding clients, my supportive and amazing friends, my 

Daisy Mae, my kitties (ok maybe my kitties), my fleece sheets, my fireplace and wood stove, my awesome Nezzie (the three little pigs "roommate" this week - lol), my FANTASTIC travel agent, Nancy...Yea -  I'm thinking that's what vacations are really for.  They give you JOY in their own way and then they send you home renewed and JOYful to re-appreciate (is that even a word?) your real life.  

Perhaps not everyone experiences this.  And perhaps the almost horror of being stuck 1000 miles from home in a Georgia airport for several days contributes to the 
feeling this morning...but who cares?  

It's my reality and I'm catching JOY.  Isn't THAT what matters?

Here's a little vacation JOY reminder.  It's starting to come back...

Ahhh yes - now I remember...

Have I ever seen one of these in real life?  I don't think so.  So deprived!

This is the view from the treadmills I never went near!  My husband on the other hand - worked out every day.  I'm such a role model!  LOL!

Vacation JOY is starting to come back...

Happy 25th!

What's a vacation album without a selfie?  I wasn't really that burned.  I need to photoshop my real tan.  WTH!

Absolutely the JOY that took me through airline HELL!!!  Don't miss this gem.  I LOVED it!

So see?  All it took was a bit of blog posting to re-experience the vacation JOY process.

BUT the moral of the story is...



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