Friday, April 4, 2014


So - I've been finding dimes.

My kids have been finding dimes.  My biggest non-believer conspiracy theorist husband has been finding dimes.  My hairdresser has been finding dimes.  My Uncle Al has been finding dimes.  My brother-in-law has been finding dimes.

Say WHAT???  What's that wacko talking about now??

You will NOT believe it.  But here goes.

Sometime in 2013, a friend started talking about finding dimes and how she believed that were left by a loved one(s) who had passed.  Her stories were intriguing, fun, hopeful and at best - entertaining.  I loved her stories.  But I considered myself a person who didn't...well - find dimes.  Later in the fall of 2013, I listened to more of her dime stories.  Again - soooo entertaining and just fascinating to me.  A few days later?

Dimes started to show up.

I know.  I know.  CRAZY!

We are long past 10 dimes in this family.  We are long past 20 dimes in this family.  We are long past FIFTY dimes in this family.

All found by one of us 5 in often unremarkable circumstances but many times?  IN REMARKABLE CIRCUMSTANCES!  So listen up.

I don't recall my first dime.  But I specifically remember the meaningful ones.

We must have found more than 20 dimes when the first really meaningful one was found.  We were sitting in row 2 of the middle school at my son's Christmas concert, waiting for it to begin.  It was an exciting night because my oldest was singing his first solo EVER.  He was a wreck.  So I bent over to scrap some scunga off my Ugg and there sat one dime on the floor next to my foot.  I pointed to it, looking at my husband and he commented. "Grandma must be here for Michael's first solo..."

A month later - and many dimes later - my daughter was skating in a postponed Christmas show.  When we got to the rink I sent her upstairs to start warming up.  When I got upstairs, she came lunging toward me and suddenly stopped, gasped and pointed to the floor by her foot.  One Dime.  I casually commented with a big smile on my face..."Grandma's here at your solo too!"

About a month later, I was rummaging through my jewelry and I discovered a silver cardboard box with a pair of earrings in it that my beloved niece had given me for Christmas.  I was going out to lunch so I put the earrings on, leaving the box on the bathroom vanity.  When I got home about 2 hours later, my daughter yelled down the stairs, 'Mom, did you leave this on the silver jewelry box?"  And I'm thinking...silver jewelry box?  What silver jewelry box?  I don't own a silver jewelry box.  (I'm thinking big box used to store jewelry?)  She comes down the stairs with the little silver cardboard box with one dime on top.  "OH!"  I said.  "Grandma's wishing you a happy birthday a day early!"  heehee.  And then I gasped.  Today was the 7th anniversary of my mother's death, the day before my daughter's birthday and a dime was left on the box that one of her beautiful granddaughters gave me for Christmas.

A few weeks ago, I was vacuuming my house (there's a gasp - lololol) and my niece called and wanted to stop in and visit.  Sure!  So I hang up the phone and continue vacuuming.  I lift up an object in my kitchen to vacuum underneath?  One Dime.  Guess Noni is here for when her granddaughter comes to visit.

Last week, my daughter was performing in another skating show.  We were all hanging around the house in limbo most of the day waiting to "leave".  My husband walks into our back living area (where we all hibernate all winter because that's where the wood stove is) and points to a stuffed animal thrown on a chair.  "What's that?"  My daughter walks over and looks at the stuffed animal.  One Dime.  I was guessed it!  "Grandma must be going with us to the skating show!"

An hour later, I walk into the rink and my husband is already there setting up the lighting for the show.  He's a bit excited and keeps saying, "I have to tell you something.  I have to tell you something".  Me being me - blew him off - (lol) and went down into the locker room with my daughter and came back up a bit later.  And he tells me the story.  He was laying down electrical cords and covering the cords with red duct tape so no one could trip on them.  He was left with a 12 inch piece so he crumpled it up and held it in his fist while he stood around drinking the last of the coffee in his cup.  He went to toss both the cup and the crumpled up tape in the garbage and when he opened his DIME.  "She's here!  She's HERE!"

That same evening, my little brother was at the skating show and we were regaling him with our dime stories and he was like, "no one ever leaves ME any dimes - boohoo".  8:49 the next morning?


Yes - seriously.

My husband finds numerous dimes.  The washer stopped draining a few weeks ago and he pulled the machine apart.  He found a PILE of CRAP that was clogging the drain dime.  Not a handful of change.  Just this one dime.  Last week he told me to go into the laundry room and open the dryer.  On the ledge under the door?  One Dime.  Not a quarter or a few pennies or 2 nickels.  ONE DIME.  Yesterday he told me to go upstairs and look on top of a pile of clothes on one of his Yankee dime.

My kids find dimes almost everyday.  One dime at a time.  My son was cleaning out a bureau drawer the other day (oxymoron - "cleaning" and "my son" in the same sentence) and when he emptied everything?  One dime.

About a month ago, I was in my basement looking for my ski boots.  They were in a boot bag and hadn't been touched in 15 years.  So I pull them out and try them on and I notice there are some ski "things" in the bottom of the bag so I pull them out and also...One dime.  Not a quarter.  Not a few pennies.  ONE DIME.

I had lunch with my Uncle about a month ago and was entertaining him with my dime stories.  He was laughing and enJOYing my tales so much.  That night he was all freaked.  I found one DIME Jo-Ellllleennnnnnn!!!!  It was all by itself in the cup holder.  A week later, another phone message.  I found one dime when I lifted the kneeler at church!!!  A week later.  You're NOT going to believe this Jo-Elllllennnnnn!  I lifted the couch to vacuum under dime.

My hairdresser - who lost her husband about 7 years ago - is losing her mind with all the dimes she is finding since I told her my dime stories.  Not quarters.  Not pennies.  ONE DIME at a TIME!

Do I ever find other coins?  Actually?  Of course.  But rarely do I find ONE coin that isn't a dime.
I can't explain it.  I can only tell you - it brings amazing, contagious  JOY to everyone finding dimes.  Just wait.  You'll see...

The JOY of a Dime

PS - just in case you think I'm the only crazy one?






READ THE COMMENTS!!!  It's INSANE!  It's simple.  It's catching...yup...JOY.

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