Tuesday, June 8, 2010

BadBoys, BadBoys Whatcha Gonna Do?

In my case - BadGirl. I believe I have officially joined the ranks of criminal. Got stopped today for "Reckless Driving". Which - oh BTW - equates to driving 65 in a 40 mph zone. Only one problem - I was driving FIFTY-five. Not SIXTY-five. And I most CERTAINLY was not driving recklessly! I am a very safe driver. But try and tell THAT to a cop. Not me. I was too busy portraying the harried Mom, late for the dentist with two kids at home with strep. Teehee - what's a little white lie between criminal and cop? I DID have one kid home with strep! I'm screwed anyway.

So get this - BadMom also. I called the pediatrician to request a health form be filled out for Anthony and sent to me so he could go to camp for a week this summer. First they call me back to tell me he hasn't had a physical since 2008 and I needed to follow up with camp about whether they need the form to reflect an updated physical. In which case, I would have had to cram an f'ing doctor's appointment into our already overbooked life.

Sooooo - BadMom called the camp and basically they said just get us the form with his immunizations listed. Great! Call the pediatrician. Leave that message and like clockwork? They call me back and proceed to tell me that in 2008 - 6 months after his 2008 physical - he was supposed to come back and get weighed. Due to the fact that BadMom did not do a follow-up weigh-in (are you F'ing KIDDING MEEEEE?), they cannot fill out the form. This kid has seen more doctors in 2 years than I have seen in 15 years. A WEIGH-IN??????????? FML.

Soooo - BadGirl-BadMom went out and caught joy in her OWN way today. Can you say Manicure/PEDICURE???!!!

PS - so instead of automatically losing my license, going to court and paying a fine of $200+ for the criminal activity of reckless driving? I got "Disobeying a Traffic Sign" which carries a $90 fine, no court and no points on my clean and flawless 21 year record. Left-handed joy maybe??? At the very least I joyfully spent the $110+ I saved (operative word - saved), on that mani-pedi!!! I thought I did a good job finding $110 today!

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