Thursday, August 12, 2010


If you have never spent time in a hammock, you are missing a big piece of joy. Come the first warm days of spring, the hammock gets hung, I dress it with comforters, burrow deep in and just breathe. I wait all winter for this ritual. I wait all winter to come home. And then I spend every free waking moment swinging in my nest with my ever present book of the week in hand.

I remember when I was pregnant with Michael, I spent so much time in my hammock that I was swaying when I laid down in bed at night. Kind of like when you hit dry land after you have been on a boat all day. And guess where I was when Yale Infertility called to tell me that I was MOST DEFINITELY pregnant with Brooke? Yup - swinging in my hammock on my birthday, June 21st - the best gift, huh?? I read in my hammock, talk on the phone in my hammock, text in my hammock, eat in my hammock, yell at my kids in my hammock and sometimes I even drift off to sleep in my hammock. Oh, and I also have Sunday afternoon cocktails...IN? Yup - my hammock.

Some years, my hammock season extends as far as November. I just pile on another blanket and slide deeper. I definitely go through a grieving period every year when it's time to take the hammock down. But for now? It's August. And even though everyone is complaining that the summer went so fast and they can't believe it's almost Labor Day, I smile - because I know it ain't over, till it's over. I'm home for a good two and a half - three months still. Joy - just waiting for me on the front porch...


  1. Your hammock looks so inviting. Mine keeps throwing me overboard. *sigh*

  2. Hmmm. My front porch is not deep enough for our hammock which we hang between two trees in the backyard, but I bet if I buy another one it would work on the back deck? Oh, my mind is wandering to this idea now. LOVE your hammock. It beckons a person to come and relax a bit.


  3. YES you totally have the bestest hammock ever!!!!!

  4. Awwww, I just found your blog while browsing pics of hammocks on google - and I love love LOVE this post!

    We recently moved from the city to 8 acres in the country, and today I finally got my hammock hung. Like Di, above, we can't hang the hammock on our porch, so it's out under the trees at the edge of the yard. Tomorrow I plan to dress it with piles of comforters and pillows,and spend the day there. Your post, though, has convinced me that I reeeeeeeaaallly need to figure out how to get one on the porch. I'm pretty sure I could live in mine, too. :)