Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Dog Days of Summer

It never ceases to amaze me how one thing can change the landscape of your entire planned day. Today was one of those days. Mid morning, we discovered that our little Daisy was favoring her left hind leg. In fact she couldn't even put any weight on it. Well...I won't even GO into the discovery of how that happened. Suffice to say - WTFFFFFFFFFFF!?

Anyway - so after discussing it with some dog owner friends, we decided we better take her to the vet for an exam. She needed to get a booster shot anyway so I figured I'd kill two birds with one stone, meet the vet and be done with the whole deal.

So I texted my friend Karen to let her know I had decided to take Daisy to the vet - her vet - as a matter of fact. And I got this text back:

"Can you bring Tara home for me?" Tara? Home? What the hell is she talking about? Then it dawned on me that maybe she had brought her dog with her to the store she co-owns with my friend Missy and needed me to come pick up Tara from the store and bring her home for some reason. So I respond:

"???? Umm yes? Don't know who Tara is though. I'm at the vet right now." So you're probably thinking, how could I not know my own friends dog! But Karen has several pets so...And she responds:

"Ashes at vet - already paid for." OHHHHHHH - the dog is here! At the vet! Hmmmm - ok ASK at vet (obviously a text typo or correction - hate when texting does that!) and I didn't have to worry about the bill...it just seemed a bit odd that she was being so "casual" about this. Don't get me wrong, I had NO problem picking up her dog! In fact - I was thrilled to be able to do something for her as Karen does ALOT for me! ALOT! And I feel like I can never pay her back!

So I texted back, "LOL. Ohhh, I thought you wanted me to get her from the store! Ok, bring her to your house?" and she replies:

"Or store or keep her and I'll pick her up at your house later. How is Daisy?" Ummm - ok this just doesn't feel right. She is ok with me taking her dog to my house for the day? Which is FINE!!!! I am ecstatic that she trusts me with her precious Tara! But something just seems "off"...

So I said to the vet, "Ummm - I need to pick up my friend Karen's dog? Tara?"

The vet looks oddly at his assistant and I hear him say something about chemo treatment and I was like, "Yes! That's the dog. I know her dog has cancer!" So I'm thinking ok - did the dog come with a crate? Ummm - two dogs in the car? Not enough hands? No! I can do this!!!

So I head out to the front desk to pay my bill and no one seems to have communicated that I need Karen's dog. So I say to the girl, "Ummm - I'm supposed to pick up my friend's dog? Or maybe it's a cat? I honestly don't know. A bird maybe???" Agghhh, she was looking at me like I had two heads!!!!

"I got this text from Karen asking me to pick up Tara? Is Tara here?" I am feeling a bit odd right now!

Suddenly I actually SEE the light bulb go off over the girl's head and she says, "Ohhhhh the ashes!"

"No, she said to ask you..."

She tries not to giggle and all serious she interupts me, "She wants you to pick up her dogs ashes!!


I have to tell you, it's very sad that poor Tara passed away. Karen and her family were so sad and she was such a good dog! WE LOVE YOU TARA! Rest in peace my four legged friend. But this was most definitely the laugh of my day!!! And Laughing = JOY!!!!


  1. Ahhhhh, only you Morman. With your luck these days (or should we say lack there of), I hope you kept it under 40 mph driving those beloved ashes home to Karen!!!

    Anthony wasn't in the car right???? Glad Daisy is okay...

  2. I came over via Karen's blog, and oh my gosh, that's funny as hell...and sad. Poor Tara.

  3. Not a funny loss, but I am laughing! Dropped by from Karen's blog..

  4. I get it now....but I do see the confusion! Stopping by from Karen's blog!

  5. Giggling here! Dropped by from Karen's blog. I know how sad it is to loose a beloved pet, but this is just too funny not to laugh ;-)

    Hope your dog is okay?

  6. Hey Karen's Blog's peeps! Thanks for stopping by! It was a perfect blog story wasn't it!? Hope to see you again!