Friday, September 3, 2010

Things I Love

I stole this theme from a blog I happened upon this morning. Yesssss, I'm plagerizing someone else's idea. So, Arrest me! too bad! I like the idea of writing about things I love!

First and foremost - obviously - FAMILY. Undoubtedly, my family of 5 is love. Not just what I love.

And here is a picture of both my own family of 5 together with many of my husband's 7 brothers and sisters and several nephews and nieces and even a friend of Michael's. This was taken last year on the day after Thanksgiving. Every year since 1990, on that day, this crowd (sometimes even more but almost always this core group!) goes out to a local Christmas tree farm and we cut down our trees. This year will be TWENTY years of this tradition! What is so breathtakingly awesome is that I loved this tradition from the first year and now my own children love it and it will forever be woven into the fabric of each of their lives!

Speaking of tradition! I LOVE traditions! I think a lot about the creation of tradition and what it means to you as an adult - to look back on your childhood and connect with them. When I was a wee one, the most important tradition for me was gathering with my cousins on every holiday at my very Italian grandparent's house. And sitting at the kids table for HOURS. It was SO MUCH FUN! As an adult, I created my own traditions - such as the one described above and the Easter Egg Hunt described in a previous post. Also, our tradition of putting orange candles in every window on the eve of Michael's birthday, October 14th and then changing all the candles to white bulbs, on Thanksgiving Eve. I also own an obscene amount of holiday "gear" to put around the house - for Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter - aghhhhhh - it can be exhausting actually! The taking DOWN of this gear is the depressing part. But I know in my heart it is these traditions that my children will ache for when they finally leave home. And hopefully it will be these that they will return home FOR, each year of their lives.

Home? Did I say home? I LOVE my home! But, I especially LOVE my front porch!

I love that we gather on my front porch from April-November. Everyone who visits during those months sits in my extra "room".

Speaking of Hammock! I did say it didn't I??? Well, maybe not in this post... I LOVE my HAMMOCK!!! LOVE IT!!

Ok enough of the front porch. You catch my drift! Onto READING!!! I LOVE READING! I love reading in bed, reading in my hammock and reading at the beach. Reading while waiting for piano lessons, skating lessons, the bus...sometimes I think I love reading more than just about any other past time. Even more than sex eating!!! (I did NOT just say that! I did NOT! You totally heard wrong!) I read no less than 2 hours every day. Where does she find the time? You ask? Believe me - if you love it enough, you will find the time. While the rest of you are watching CSI, House and Glee, guess where I am? So check out my Top Shelf list that I update regularly. It's on the right side of my blog page.

Did I just say BEACH? Yesssssssssssss - I LOVE the beach! LOVE THE BEACH!!!!!! I love reading on the beach. (oops already said that!), my kids at the beach, my husband at the beach (well not just at the beach...but I DO like his mood better!) and I especially love sunrise at the beach. I'm the only one up, it's so peaceful, I can think without circumventing all the noise...yea, I love sunrise at the beach best!

Ok so one a few more things I love...

Blue! I LOVE the color BLUE! Ask ANYONE who knows me! Especially Missy and Karen!

So, I'm probably boring the crap out of you by now and certainly I love many more things than the above and below, but I have to include these: Fall, Daisy, The YANKEES!!

Oh and I love being in love. And I love kissing! And eating! I LOVE eating! Cookies, cake, candy, pie (common theme here? I LOVE SWEET EATING!!)
And you know what else I realllllllyyyyy love?




  1. and I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU my Blue Sparkly friend

  2. When there is joy and love and good health in your life, you got all that matters, kiddo. And beaches.. ofcourse there must be beaches. And Daisies :-)