Saturday, November 13, 2010

It's Almost Over - It's Almost Here!

Joy has been hard to come by this week. Not even fleeting. So I decided to take things into my own hands and get me some. First I went and got a full body MASSAGE on Tuesday. Maybe I should have said take things into someone else's hands??? OMG! Need I say more???? JOY TO THE WORLD!!!

Then after another joy drought, I grabbed my camera late this afternoon and went on a photo hunt. I must say - the roses are trying to squeeze every last second out of their season. I just love them! My red roses refuse to breathe their last breaths. Their still graceful petals are etched with black but to my eyes, they are just beautiful.

As I walked my property I realized that Mother Nature was putting herself down for a long winter's nap but not without a fight from more than a few protestors!

I found a beach rose blooming by my pool fence amongst the beach rose hips!

And this femme fatale? Breathtaking!

I found beautiful colors still clinging to branches and seed pods gracing the landscape that took my breath away.

I still have the most delicate of Chrysanthemums braving the fall breeze!

Isn't this pine cone absolutely perfect?

But Thanksgiving is upon us and then we all know what's next! Honestly? It makes me feel happy that my favorite holiday is in two weeks and the Christmas season starts that very next day with the annual "Find the Christmas Tree" trek and the showing of - CHRISTMAS VACATION!!!! Much joy coming! I AM excited!

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  1. Great photos, those flowers determined to hang on to summer. I wish we could,can't believe Christmas right around the corner. I get chills just thinking about winter.
    Glad you found your joy.