Sunday, November 14, 2010

Really Cool Thing

I had the coolest experience today. I was pulling out of the ATM and heading out of the parking lot of the shopping center in the Emerald City this afternoon when I saw a bunch of Harleys pull in. The Emerald City has a popular "townie" pub that I frequent at times in this shopping center and I often see bikers parked for a beer. As I pulled over to let them pass, I suddenly realized there were not just a few Harleys. There were not like ten Harleys. Or even twenty Harleys. There were like more than a HUNDRED Harleys!

I literally pulled over, opened my window and with a huge grin on my face, I watched all these bikes pull into the parking lot FOR TEN MINUTES!!!!! It was AMAZING! It was so loud and so powerful. They just kept coming and coming. Every once in a while I poked my head out the window to see if the "parade" was ending and I was filled with glee like 10 times when I saw more and more bikes and no end in sight! I was in joy heaven!

And the people on the bikes were SO interesting! And the outfits! There was this one chick. She had on leathers like I had NEVER seen. Not that I am a Harley chick leather afficionado but whoa. She looked like a tough ass beautiful indian princess with long leather fringe - I mean LONG - hanging from every part of her jacket and pants. There were guys in Santa hats and no shirts on (now it was a nice day today but it's NOVEMBER!!!) Guys riding alone, couples riding together and LOTS of women on their own hogs! And the bikes were so BEAUTIFUL. But my favorite part was most definitely - the deafening roar - it was mesmerizing and it filled my body. I LOVED every second and wanted it to go on and on.

And, I knew I had friends in the group because I know my friend Sharlene has her own bike and so does Lynn. My friend Ronnie surely could have been there. I looked for them all but there were sooooo many bikers! Turns out some of them were in that crowd. I just missed them - probably because I was too busy catching joy!

Oh, and you know the best part? This was a Toy Run. They were collecting toys for holiday giving to the kids who might not have gifts this Christmas. How F'ing cool is THAT?!!!! And I know you Harley dudes are always doing big charity rides. You guys rock! Thank you for all you do!

Hmmmmmmm - maybe I need a bike! Haaa hahhaaaaaa! Woohoooooo! Sharlene? Lynn? Ronnie? Tracy and Colin? Roadtripppppppppppppp!!!!!!


  1. HA!!! I saw them too yesterday! THAT's what it was! Dave would be SOOOOOOO thrilled if I EVER considered going for even a short ride with him. YOU, I could totally see it!!!!!!

  2. That IS awesome.. wish I saw it!!!...

  3. This is WAY cool. I would have done the same thing as you, pulled over and watched...and listened. The sound of that many bikes, raises the hair on my arms. Cool