Saturday, May 14, 2011


You know, when my husband had hernia surgery last July, amongst other man jobs, I had to deal with garbage detail.  Now if you live in a city, you most likely have municipal provided garbage pickup .  In the Emerald City, we have a dump Transfer Station.  Fancy name - kinda like Sanitation Engineer - ROLL MY EYES...

Now don't mis-understand, you can get garbage pick up in the Emerald City, but you have to pay for it.  In lieu of that, our illustrious municipality provides a dump Transfer Station which is open Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday for about 6 hours each day.  This means you can load your car with garbage, wait in a long line of cars (mostly man of the house drivers doing one of their man jobs) and when it's your turn, you get to unload your garbage and drop it into the stinky box hopper.  (BTW - my garbage pile doesn't look this pretty!)

So, the problem is - if you forget to go on Tuesday, now you have 4 days of garbage to load into your nice car on Thursday.  And if you forget Thursday,  you have like 12 bags of garbage to load into your nice car on Saturday.  It's GROSS.  It's a Pain in the A__ and I hate it!!  (Now if I owned a truck, maybe this wouldn't even make my blog!  You see - it's not like you can just lift your 50 gallon garbage "can" onto the bed of your truck.  Each bag has to be loaded into your car - in my case, mom-van - INDIVIDUALLY!  Ugh!)

So - back to the story - I became the Sanitation Engineer last July when my husband had his surgery.  I was ok with that because, hey, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!  6 weeks later, I couldn't figure out why a girl gotta do this still!!!!!!!  I mean - I was really good at it - don't get me wrong.  And I learned to be very Type A about it.  I figured it out that if you went all 3 days each week, you were only dealing with a few bags at a time (including your recyclables) and it was a very easy job.  But if you missed a day or god forbid - TWO.  One time, I missed all THREE days!  Trust me you quickly learn how to be a Type A Sanitation Engineer.

Well sometime in September - I finally went on strike.  (Isn't that what Sanitation Engineers do from time to time?)  And the hub started doing his the job again.  But I noticed he often missed 1, 2 sometimes all THREE dump days.  Then he was crabby and I was crabby and it just was annoying and quite the nuisance.

(Now before you say, "What a bum!", you should know that my very hardworking husband not only runs 2 of our 3 businesses and does his man work, he is also very much involved with feeding our kids, getting them ready for school, helping them with their homework, coaching their teams, getting them to karate, piano, skating, baseball, playdates, blah blah blah, because I work as a fitness trainer.  What does that have to do with him doing everything and me doing nothing so much around our house?  Well in my defense, people usually work out in the morning before work or after the kids get on the bus and after work.  Hence - breakfast and dinner time.  Get it?)

Well, we had a bad run this past month and garbage got out of hand.  Just too much Easter, karate, piano, skating, baseball, playdates, blah blah blah.  Aghhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!  I finally just had enough and loaded the van TWICE - and got rid of it.  (How much do I hate this part of country living????)  That was 2 weeks ago.  I decided I was NOT letting this control us ever again.  I don't think the hub realizes it yet, but I am now the self proclaimed Sanitation Engineer.  Yea - where the heck is the JOY in THAT??????  I'm sure HE will have JOY when he realizes.  (Heyyyy - was this a trick???)

But there is!  There is JOY!!!  Because you see...


Woohoo!!!!!  I ROCK!  Hey - it's a stretch but come onnnnnnnnn!


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