Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Other Self

So my friend Karen, put out a blog post the other day called My Other Self.  This was her challenge:

What does YOUR Other Self look like?
I challenge you to do a similar post

So here I am Kar!

First and foremost, I am aging OHHHH so gracefully!  I still wear a bikini! And guess what?  I look HOT!

For a living, I passionately train women to feel and look great!

In a gym I own and operate from my home in the Emerald City in Winter and

in the summer, on Block Island where I live in my simple Block Island home.


I remain madly in love 


My gardens are beautiful and they are all my creation.

 I ski in winter and 

skate reallllllyyyyy good.

My kids grow 

and I do this on the beach all summer, in my hammock in the fall and in front of my fire in the winter.

My needs are simple but I must do this ALOT,  

And also this

Because when I do those, I am doing this

and nothing is more important than that...


  1. Myself and yourself oughta get together more often, my friend.

    Now I'm putting your other self under the hot tub :-)

  2. I'm enjoying reading all these. Fun, wasn't it?!

  3. How wonderful! I met the challenge, too...and just had to look at the list again! I love your post! ♥