Thursday, July 21, 2011

Who Knew Ice Cream Could Be So Expensive?

Yesterday - I had the distinct pleasure of spending time with just TWO of my three kids.  I dropped Brooke off at the skating rink for an hour of coaching and ran out and picked up a refrigerator.

Haaaa - I just said that so casually, huh?  Kind of like running out and picking up milk?  Actually YEA - Lowes is right near the rink.  I just walked in, looked at every refrigerator they had, found the one I liked best, ordered it, paid for it and was back at the rink in an hour.  (If only "other" things in my life could go as smoothly...)   So anyway - that's JOY because I can't WAIT to get my food in it!

3 years ago, when I was washing one of the shelves of my current fridge, the whole shelf literally exploded into a zillion pieces of tempered glass - all over me and my kitchen.  I was finding glass in the kitchen for months.  Needless to say, it is not fun having only 1 true shelf in your refrigerator.  Food literally gets lost for weeks.  And you know what that means...UGHHHHH.

I am certain I will feel so much more organized and inspired once I can see all my food!!!!

So after I picked up my daughter, I said to the kids, "Lets go get some italian ice (It was 97 degrees out)!"  My son yells "YEA!!!!" and my daughter whines says, "No - I don't like italian ice or snow cones or popsicles.  I want to go to Dari Serv in Durham!!"  (Who the hell's daughter IS she, anywayyyy?) My response was, "No, no, no - they have ice cream too.  You can get an ice cream."  What I really meant was "No, no, no - if we go to Dari Serv I will surely get a sundae.  Italian ice is so much less calories and fat..."

So we went.  Michael got Watermelon, I got Grape and Brooke got Gelato.  "$8 please."  Wow!  Ice Cream is cheaper when you only have TWO kids!  (Roll my eyes.) We get to the car and everyone is quietly eating their treat as I pull out and I realize - "ICK!  This s*cks!"  Don't you know it came out of my mouth!.  Could have sworn I only thought that...  Then Michael says it (well - he didn't say the "S" word...) and then Brooke started whining complaining about her ice cream.

Now I'm bumming.  I mean - if you are going to cheat on your "diet" it has to be good!  So I threw mine away after 2 bites.  And then I'm feeling really deprived and muttering under my breath.

That's it - WE'RE GOING TO DARI SERV, damn it!

15 dollars later (ROLL MY EYES) - everyone was heading home, happily licking away.

PS - I resisted a sundae!  JOY JOY!!!  I had a huge scoop of pistachio and an even HUGER scoop of peanut butter brownie.  JOY, JOY, JOY!  (Pretty sure a sundae would probably have been LESS calories...I'm such a loser.)

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  1. LOL, thats funny. I would have been whinning too if you made me eat the ice thingy. It's 97 outside, I'm doin ice cream.