Sunday, September 4, 2011


Do you think an "act of god" is telling me I am supposed to can this 21 day habit thingy?  I'm done.  I tried.  I tried again..."ova" as those Boston Red Sox fans almost always often say at this time of year.  (heehee)

Speaking of's getting down to the wire, Red Sox fans!!!  Suddenly the Yankees are leading the charge for the Pennant.  Could we be 1 and a half games ahead as of this post?  Of COURSE we are.  We're the Yankees!  It's Fall.  It's TIME.  SHOCK!! And would the Sox be 2 games behind in the loss column?  

Speaking of Yankees...OMG - did I catch JOY the other night when my beloved boys of summer came through on Game 3 and took the 3 game series against the Red Sox.  What was even MORE joyful was that a rabid Red Sox fan who I just happened to have a bet with on that series, had to post on Facebook "Yankees Rule".  Woohoo!  Now that's JOY, kittens!!!!  (What a good sport my friend is!)

So - my boys won again today and the Sox got annihilated by lost once again to Texas today.  Tsk tsk.  Jeter got 5 RBIs (a 3 run homer!!!)  Love you Derek!!!  Nick Swisher?  You ROCK, baby!  Caught a wee bit of JOY in that game...uhuh!

Catch y'all later, friends.  Hope I didn't offend!  It's all in good fun.  :)


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  1. I love a rabbid fan, even if it is a Yankees fan.
    Phillies have best record in baseball, last 4 games,