Saturday, April 27, 2013


It's a great day when you come home with treasures!  Especially when they are CHEAP!!!

Today, a neighboring town held it's annual townwide tag sale.  What IS that exactly, you ask?  Well a bunch of homeowners have a tag sale at their homes all across the town.  And the frosting on the cake?  The elementary school parking lot... a flea market of sorts with a bunch of junk "booths".  My kind of JOY!

Back in the day, when Dad went into the office Saturday mornings and Mom wanted to sell the kids needed to entertain the three little pigs who forever were getting on her last NERVE...

At the first sign of spring, I would give them each a few dollars and off we would go to THE TAG SALES.  It was a blast.  They loved it because - hell - every tag sale has toys!  I loved it because I was bringing home treasures AND we were bonding over junk rather than flipping out over the loud destruction of the house.  Did I mention LOUDDDD destruction?

Today there were only 2 littles with me.  One had her own $$$ and one didn't - OF COURSE - because he spends every last cent on junk in the school cafeteria...or any other place he can find to spend money or how about dropping a $20 on the kitchen floor and the dog chewing it unrecognizable or losing a $10 bill in McDonalds when the wrestling team stopped to eat there after a meet one night...GRRRRRRRRR.  

Wait - where was I?  How did I get off on this tangent?

Anyway, today - after the 2nd stop - getting NAGGED incessantly by him - I handed him $5 and he was on his own.  My, my, my did he become a discriminating shopper...GOD, I LOVE THAT!!!  Life Lessons!!!

So here's some of my finds!  I'm so excited!  Starting with my favorite:

Isn't she a BEAUT?????  Notice she matches my favorite tablecloth in the whole world?!!

Many of you know that I am a RABID reader.  In fact, I track my read books over there on the right side of this blog -  so you always know a good book you can read if you like fiction.  Anyway - I love tag sales because their books are so cheap!  I picked up a few pieces of fiction and then I picked up the coop da gracie (Shhh - I know that's not how you pronounce it.) which I will show you in a sec.

I will set these books aside for vacation.  You recall I only bring like FIFTY books on vacation...

Here's my STEAL!!!  Only FIFTY CENTS!!!!!!!!

50 cents!  FIVE - O!

I know.  You're probably like - oh, The Silver Palette Cookbook.  Big Whoop.  Can't she just buy that on-line?

Well - yeaaaaaa.  But not for FIFTY CENTS!!!!!!!!  I LOVE this book!  I make Chicken Marbella at least once a month.  It's a CLASSIC!  I needed to own this cookbook!  

Anyway - I guess I'm a cheap date because I like the cheap thrills. 

Then I picked up these little gems for my shabby chic screened porch.  

They are PERFECT accents for my color scheme which is of course - some form of the blue palette.  Ok - brace yourself!  One dollar EACH!!!!!!!  Who's better than me, I ask??????

And lastly, I scored this baby.  

Do you see how perfect she is?  Not a scar, not a blight, not an anything!!!  She's PERFECT!

Perhaps now, the MEN in my life will throw their dirty clothes inside the basket instead of on the floor next to the basket?  Why would they change now, you ask?  

Ummmm - I don't know!!!!  Cuz she's perfect?  Let me dream, willya!!!!!  Jeez.  

So.   That was my shopping spree today!  You want to see me catch JOY?  Send me out on a Sat. morning  tag sale-ing.  (Apparently, there is no such word as "saleing".  Someone needs to correct that!  Cuz in my world, there is a huge sale-ing going on!)

BTW - in case you are interested in what my middle monster did with his $5?  Well - I told him if he didn't spend it I wanted it back.  So.  Later in the day, knowing he had only spent a dollar, I asked him for the $4 back.  

Ummmmmm - MOM!  I spent it on candy at the store when Dad stopped for milk after the game.



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  1. What a good story teller you are, and as someone who visits lots of yard sales ( because my wife says, STOP, there's a yard sale), I'd say your neighborwood was giving that stuff away. Good finds.

  2. I agree with Mark. You really do have a wonderful style of writing!!

    I, too, love a great deal, and that (fabulous) cookbook was definitely a STEAL! I'm envious!!!!! Not only because of that great score, but because you made it to the Tag Sale(s) of the Year! Next time you go, if you want some know my number! Hmmmm, only thing is, we'd probably be elbowing each other for the same things!!