Sunday, April 7, 2013

Beyond JOYfilled

That's me.  Beyond JOYfilled.  So much so that I will not be able to share it with my words.  Fancy that.  Me?  Wordless...

It's the oddest thing.  I am experiencing only this indescribable golden light.

Yesterday began like most Saturdays.  Up at 6, train a class full of awesome women at 7, head to the skating rink at 9:15 -- WAIT! No skating rink!  Nope.  Not yesterday.  

Because YESTERDAY?  

Yesterday, I made the journey I have waited 34 years a very long time to make.  Yesterday - I traveled into the waiting arms of my college sisters, T and Deb.  I can - quite possibly for the first time - sincerely say I was completely present and in the moment, for 6 hours yesterday.  Filled got it... JOY.  

So much JOY that soft, golden light is all I see when I think of our time together after 34 years.  How can it be that you miss someone(s) so much and you don't even know it?  Until you find them again?  Today I truly ache for those missed years. 

I gained access to the internet about 17, maybe 18 years ago and I have searched for these two soul sisters for at least that long.  I sometimes came close, but there was never an instance when I was positive I had who I was looking for.  

Back in January, (in the middle of the Patriots/Ravens play-off game - sorry I wasn't your good luck charm T!!), I hit gold.  I found T. (Maybe THAT'S why I can only experience this golden filled light!  I hit GOLD!!!)  

Amazing Facebook.  Once again - my connection to more than I could ever imagine - on that amazing Facebook!

I am completely unable to put a voice to what yesterday's 6 golden hours were like and meant to me.  It flew like the wind.  The chatter was endless and we are not done.  And the frosting on the cake was re-uniting with Deb's high school/college boyfriend - now, long time husband, Dave - who I love as dearly as I love T and Deb.

Yesterday was one of the most precious days of my life.  I will not try to describe it any more than this.  Pure, unadulterated, blissful JOY.

Today, I remain wrapped in the golden light of that JOY.  I am so happy.   I am just plain - so happy. 

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