Monday, February 29, 2016


So.  I almost have no words.  ALMOST.  Astonished comes to mind...

So - I went to Lenscrafters today because I finally made the decision to purchase a pair of prescription sunglasses.  I haven't been able to wear my contact lenses for about 3 years because I just can't find a comfortable pair anymore.  The big M and all...if you catch my drift...or so I am told.  Anyway, I literally have not worn sunglasses in 3 years and quite frankly?  IT'S ANNOYING.  

First of all - I don't look cool anymore.  Really?  How is that possible, you ask?  Yea - ME!  Not looking cool?  Unacceptable.

Secondly (is that a word, Jan my crossword puzzler friend and my personal word aficionado?), did I say it's ANNOYING???  My eyes don't like all that sun shining on them.  I'm a B-E-A-C-H girl, people.  I NEED sunglasses!  Speaking of beach - do you have any idea how many times I have caught myself at the beach and every other place I roam - staring at someone because I think they can't tell with me behind my NON sunglasses????  Yea - you try and be me.

So I go to the eye place and they tell me I need an exam as my prescription is expired.  Okkkkkk - $135.  Get the exam, go pick out my Baby Beach Rootbeer colored Maui Jim's

which are the only sunglasses I will buy because those are the ones I look the coolest in.  Anddddddd...


$900 please.  Are you f'ing KIDDING ME?????  Can you believe that???????  What is WRONG with this picture?  I can't pay $1000 for a pair of SUNGLASSES!  How can I pay $1000 for a pair of sunglasses?  How do I justify this purchase????  Let me tell you - there is no JOY in the Emerald City today.  I walked out.  $135 poorer.  So disappointed.

But trust me kittens - there is future JOY with this subject.  Somehow, some way - I am getting these glasses on my face.  You watch me figure this out.  This is not over.  I will not be denied.  Stay tuned.

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