Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Law of Attraction

So I am very excited today! My friend, client and running partner Robin read The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference by Malcolm Gladwell and she was telling me that the author identifies three pivotal types of business people who can change the world. These are Connectors, sociable personalities who bring people together; Mavens, who like to pass along knowledge; and Salesmen, adept at persuading the unenlightened. She told me that while she was reading the book, she clearly saw me as a Connector. Now, I didn't read the book but the fact that she even included me as a "pivotal" type of business person was flattering in and of itself! (Although, I have a secret. My mission is and has been for years, to turn the world on to the amazing mind/body connection one gets from working out - one woman at a time. Shhhhhhhhhh...)

At any rate, she commented that it was interesting to her that I own a gym called The Fitness Connection. (I train women, almost exclusively. Up to 8 women at a time, 20-22 classes a week. Essentially I see about 70 women twice a week.) Robin expressed that I frequently connected people with sources and resources. Example: someone comes into class one morning and wants to know if anyone knows a good plumber - 5 plumber names are voiced. Another example: My gym has become a hotbed of book references! We are constantly talking books between sets. I keep a running list of book titles that people have told me they loved. While I am forever exchanging books with clients, I am actually considering starting a formal lending library in the gym. Same with recipes. We are always talking food! So recipes are emailed to me and I broadcast them to my clients or to those in the class that day who were expressly interested.

Anyway, not having read The Tipping Point, this is my understanding of what a connector is. As you can see, not only do my clients benefit, but so do I! And that finally brings me to why I am so excited today.

Remember how I was bitching commenting in my last blog post that I was very unhappy with the quality of the photos my camera was taking and I really wanted a Canon EOS? Well, the next morning, I was training a class and talking about my blog and I complained about my camera and how much I really wanted that allusive $800 Canon. But what were the chances that my husband was going to be buying me a $1000 Christmas gift!!!?? And then it happened.

Robin (the very one who read the book and who also happened to be on the hike with me and was featured in my last blog post) says, "Joey! I got a Canon EOS for Christmas 2 years ago." (I'm thinking, Yay, maybe she's offering to lend it to me!) She continued, "I took a photography class" GREAT, she can show me how to use the camera!!!! "I NEVER use it. I don't even know HOW to use it. Maybe we can barter for it." So I looked at her all dumb and then I realized what she was suggesting. She was offering to give me the camera in exchange for training! I then picked my teeth up off the floor was like, "HELL YEA!!!!!!"

So tell me. What are the chances of that happening!!!!??? I gotta tell ya - I'm thinking The Law of Attraction! I've been pining for this camera for months. As of late, I see a photo opp everywhere I go - every day of my life. I'm always thinking, "Great blog shot. I wish I had a better camera so this close up of a Morning Glory would come out clear and pure. Wow, those trees along the pond are just beautiful this fall. I gotta take a picture."

Are YOU getting the picture?????? And yes, for sure there was joy. Joy when I realized what was happening. Joy when I actually touched the camera. Joy when I took my first, pure, photo. Oh yea - I got joy!

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  1. YAY for you!!! Just think of all the beautiful moments you'll capture!