Tuesday, October 19, 2010

True Colors

Went hiking today!! I'm so excited because it was an amazing fall day. And you all know how I feel about Fall! It was perfect.

So, I went with my running partners, Laurel and Robin. Now I use the term "running" very lightly these days because while they are still running partners (and they just finished their second half marathon together, 2 days ago), I on the other hand, have not run with them in weeks. We trained together for 10 weeks, I ran their first half marathon with them at the end of June and then they carried on and I fell by the wayside. Today, we reunited in the woods! And now I remember what I miss the most. THEM! Three hours of moving, views, food, photo ops and BLABBING!!!!
We hiked up to the "bluffs" which is a place I try to hike to every fall. I am on a life mission to catch the panaroma at perfect peak. Each year I go just a bit later in the season because it just seems like there are still too many green trees. It's the middle of the 3rd week in October, it is peak everywhere around me, but from this perspective, it's not quite. But I'm doing better. One of the problems is that my camera SUCKKKKKKKSSSSSS. If I only had that $700 Canon EOS (you know who you lucky owners are)...sigh. Sad to say - the first picture in this blog post is from my iphone and everything else is from my crappy Canon and I have to say - iphone wins! Sad but true...

Anyway, it was a great morning filled with girltalk like the old days when we ran 4 or 5 days a week together. It was kids, food, working out, food, work, food (are you getting the picture here???) and a lot of laughs. All good. At one point we were sitting on the highest peak with our FOOD (there's that word again) and I looked out over Long Island Sound and was compelled to say it. Let's catch the joy girls! Here's your chance. Isn't that a great shot? That's Long Island Sound from a good 10-15 miles away. Awesome!!!

We kept stopping at each "scenic overlook" and a few minutes later, a better one would be in our path. Hate this camera, people! The colors were so much better but hey, that's life. And you know what? This IS life. Sometimes it doesn't look as pretty as it really is because your lens is blurry from life's stresses and surprises and responsibilities. But if you truly look for those moments? Suddenly, the fog lifts and the true colors of your life are more brilliant - maybe for just a short time? But you have to look for them to see them.
I did that today. I deliberately set out to find some moments and I took no prisoners. Guess what I found? Hours instead of moments. The fog lifted and I was lit from within. Hmmmmm - I think I'm starting to get this...


  1. The Bluffs!!! Totally awesome joy. Get the damn camera already. Christmas is coming!

  2. What a great day you guys had!!! LOVE the pics. Yes, you better be good if you want that $$$camera!!! CHA-ching...