Sunday, February 13, 2011

It's My 100th Post!

I did it!  100 posts before my blogaversary!  Yay me!!!!  It's been a great ride.  And the most important thing to happen since I started writing is the heightened awareness of the joy in my life.  Is my life always joyful?  Bahahahahahahahaahaha!  Yea righttttttt.  But at least when a joy moment appears, I catch it more often than I did before I was writing about catching joy!

 Last night I found this on someone's blog and I knew I had to post it.  It kind of sums it all up - don't you think?  And how appropriate for someone that loves kissing!

(Somehow I wasn't kissing my life when I discovered that the dog from hell Daisy Mae was eating kisses yesterday - that is - HERSHEYS KISSES - all 20 of them. Urgggggg)

So anyway, thanks for riding along with me on my blog journey.  If anyone who reads this blog becomes just a little bit more aware of the joy in their life, it's the frosting on my cake.  Hope you are one of them!


  1. I'm catching more Joy - and eating the frosting! Somethings never change...

    Happy Valentines Day and 100 post celebration!

  2. L♥ve this Joey...a thousand petaled kisses to you as you celebrate one hundred posts!