Monday, February 14, 2011

Queen of HEARTS! ♥♥♥

So, it's Valentine's Day.  Not my favorite holiday.  I mean I don't hate it or anything.  Just find it a bit overrated.  Although, I know I used to love it.  You know - young and in love and all that good stuff.  Prob. something about confirming that I'm loveable!  Although, I am sure there were years of big disappointment with no lover in sight......then it changed to being in love with my baby and I expressed it 100 fold on V-Day.

But, alas,  in recent years, not so much.  I think my oldest son summed it up for me.  Yesterday he asked if they were getting their bag of Valentine stuff tonight because the next day was a school day.

BAG OF STUFF??????  What BAG OF STUFF?????  Agggggggghhhhhhh...I was NOT happy.

At any rate - I may not be a huge fan of this Hallmark Holiday but I am a huge lover - always have been.  And the one thing Valentines Day and I definitely have in common?  Hearts!!!!!  I am:

The Queen of Hearts! (Self-proclaimed, that is!)

Give me a chance and I will doodle hearts on everything.  And besides the little known fact that I am a huge doodler and mindlessly color in all the Os on the front page of our newspaper almost everyday especially LOVE coloring with my daughter, I absolutely just plain LOVE hearts.  And me being the internet art groupie, I have my very own collection of internet heart art.  (Say THAT 3 times fast - oopps)

So in honor of "heart day", let me share some heart art with all my blog reading Valentines. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

I have blue heart art

 And Teal heart art

Cute heart art

and somewhat "traditional" heart art

Whatever the kind of heart art, each "piece" stirs a little something in me.  Must be the lover that I am!

So there's a peek.  You can't imagine how much more I have.  Don't need to bore you silly, though!

So to all of those that I love AND also to those I simply like, hope you are ALL having a joyful heart day!


The Queen of Hearts ♥♥♥♥♥♥


  1. Leave it to you to find sparkly blue heart art.

    Happy Hearts day to you!

  2. I positively adore your cloud heart art! To answer your question...I have absolutely NO idea where the heart shaped rock came from! But. I have a little secret...Google is my friend!