Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Spring Has Sprung!!!

Today, I fell in love with THESE on my friend Karen's blog.  Nope - she can raise chickens.  I'll stay with 1 dog and 2 brats cats.  I just fell in love with them and added them to my internet art file.  Now tomorrow!

Tomorrow I'm going to cut me a big ole bunch of these!


Actually, a big ole bunch of THESE!

No, they're not blooming yet, silly!  But they will be in 2 weeks!!!!  This pic is last years forced bouquet!

But!!!!!!  But!!!!!!!  Look what I found today!!!!!!  It's THE most beautiful clump of DAFFODIL SHOOTSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS I have ever laid eyes on!!!!!!!!  Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!  Can you see them?  Can you see them??  How excited are WE!!!!???

And that, my dear friends...

is JOY.


  1. I SEEEEEE THEMMMMMMM,! YAY!!! Spring really is around the corner! LOVE your morning glory pic and those chicks are sweet! Come on, don't you want them so we can have fresh organic eggs???

  2. I found daffodil shoots last week while I was out photographing a cemetery. I'm almost afraid to look at my own ... for fear that they may not have sprouted yet. Winter has already been SOOOOO long. I doubt I could survive the disappointment.

    Seriously ... forcing forsythia every winter is a great way to get a bit of spring into the house at a time when we most need it. I've done this with quince and cherry, too.

  3. OH, now I'm gonna try it with quince and cherry!!...

    And Lynn.. YOU can raise the chickens, come on, climb aboard.. I think Joey has more than she can handle with the devil dog and brats :-)

  4. The only way I will see those in my house is if I buy them at the store! Still way too much snow! Yours are gorgeous!

  5. I see them...ours our still deep beneath a dense blanket of snow...but I KNOW they're down there waiting for the sun to kiss the actually soil!