Saturday, June 4, 2011

Happy Things

I am a thief.  I stole this pic from someone's blog.  (I hope I don't get in trouble!!!!!!!)  I LOVE this picture.  It makes me happy.  That got me thinking.  What else makes me happy?  Come on in and find out!

- Family holidays (yea really!!!)
- Morning Glories
- Early mornings holding a sleepy child (no matter how old!)
- Long summer days when I don't have to work at night
- Laying in the hammock for hours with a page turner
- No homework nights!
- Summer evenings on my back porch
- Beach (no other explanation necessary)
- Color
- When my garden looks like a garden
- Connecting with friends old and new
- Connecting
- When I catch the bug - running, biking, training, reading, decorating, gardening, cooking...
- My awesome clientele
- Block Island
- Buxton, North Carolina
- Memories of days gone by
- Doing what I love for a living
- Down time (LOTS OF DOWN TIME!)
- my i-phone
- that my daughter loves to figure skate and that she is GOOD
- a good tan (if you can't tone it, tan it - I always say!)
- when my jeans just slip on
- beautiful, soft lingerie
- the energy in my bedroom in the late afternoon when the wall color glows
- Tanqueray & Tonic on a hot summer afternoon
- Summer Sundays
- Going out for breakfast
- Going out for breakfast with my kids
- A really hard workout - when it's done!
- Skiing
- Lobster with lemon and butter
- My Cannondale bike
- A loose flowy dress on a hot humid day
- Flip flops
- Uggs
- Sloggers!  (My new happy shoe!)
- Sunny summer days
- Blizzards
- December
- Long chats at night
- The New York Yankees playing well

Most of all, catching JOY makes me happy.  Because quite honestly, that's what it's all about.

PS  The other evening, a client walked into my gym for a class and brought me this.

It's an ornament her step daughter made recycling wire.  Do you see it?  Do you see it?!!!  JOY hangs in the center from a crystal bead!  I totally caught JOY!  Thank you Linda D!

PPS  I forgot CHEESECAKE!  My cheesecake makes me happy!  Thanks Sharlene for the recipe I'm MAD about that is the only one I will ever use!


  1. What about cheesecake???? I didn't see it on your list!!!! Eating YOUR cheesecake definitely brings me JOY!!!

  2. Oh, can I please have some of that cheesecake?? ...

  3. Bombay Gin and tonic, please and thanks.
    Those colors are fabulous, I'd like them in my house. Great list, we're in agreement -smile-.

  4. Hey I was just checking back in on your blog, and I see my flower!!! Glad ya like it!! Love that color!!

  5. I would have to say you are quite a happy person, with that list, you just have to be happy on a daily basis. Nice.