Saturday, June 11, 2011

Wake Up and Smell...

When I was a little girl, next to December (obviously because of Christmas), June was my most favorite month of the year.  Now that I am NOT a little girl anymore, next to December, June is my most favorite month of the year.  So nothings changed right?

OHHHH NO!  LOL.  Everything has changed!

When I was a little girl, June was my favorite month because a) my BIRTHDAY is in June!  What kid doesn't love the month their birthday is in!!??  And b) school ended for 2 and half months in June!!!!!!  Ironically, NOW (this is unbelievable) June could be my least favorite month because a)  my BIRTHDAY is in June and b)  school ends for 2 and half months in June!!!!!!

Do ya GET it????  Ummmmm - let's see - little girl, birthday - presents!  Big girl, birthday - a YEAR OLDER.  Yeah - now do you get it?  Let's take it a step further.  Little girl, summer vacation!!!!!!  No school for months!  Big girl, summer vacation???  3 kids home for months????   Weepppppppppp.

Remember I said "could be my least favorite month"?  Actually, yes - those 2 reasons kind of bum me out - (YES, bad mother...go ahead, say it.  Then go talk to most of my "mother" friends!)  But I do love June, despite what I just pointed out to you.  Because there is one thing I love about June that I just can't wait for every year.  I am like a kid at Christmas.  It rivals waiting for the first peepers to start their "It's Spring" song.

Here's my dirty little secret.

Just like in the movie Same Time Next Year, I meet my love every June -  the smell of the wild roses.  My alibi?  Running or biking down the country roads of our little town.  THAT is what I ADORE about June.  I can't quite articulate how much I love that first scent of perfumed air.  I have been running and biking these roads for 47 years.  I know exactly which roads I will encounter my love.  It never fails me.

Last Wednesday was the day.  I jumped on my bike with my friend Robin and headed out in search of my rendezvous.  I casually wheeled through that one section of Roast Meat Hill Road (I know - can you believe that crazy name?) and there -- my love awaited.  I bound through the perfumed barrier, breathing in the scent I love so much.  I've waited so long.  It's so sweet.  It transports me back to somewhere that I cannot identify, just like it does every year.  It is a really good place.  I feel happy and carefree and wildly joyful.  I take that joy with me.  I carry it for hours.  And then I go back for more 2 days later.

I will continue to meet my secret love for the next week or two.  I will continue to catch joy each time we are together.  And then, once again, like every year, I am abandoned...sniff.  But I'll keep it in my heart that we will meet again at the Same Time Next Year.  If nothing else, there will always be that...



  1. YES, the smell of the wild roses is heavenly! They seem to be particularly more intense this year! I guess I'm gonna miss that part of biking with you...sniff, sniff...

  2. Youuuu CHEAT! Does your husband know?
    Loved the June as child/June now thing. Funny stuff.