Thursday, March 15, 2012


Yesterday I was on the road and starving.  I saw a little storefront called Leoni's Italian Foods and decided to stop and see what they had.  Now because I'm on this "no carb" thing, I knew my choices were limited.  But being literally weaned on  provolone cheese, spicy hard salami and homemade Italian bread, I was at least hoping to find a good Italian cheese - pungent Provolone, Italian Table...even a good chunk of Parmesan would have done the trick.  (The GREAT thing about my new "diet" is I get to eat FULL FAT dairy!  Have you ever had full fat yogurt in this crazy world of ZERO fat everything?  To die for!)

So I walk in and I wasn't immediately struck by the place.  Small, an unremarkable deli case - just NOTHING.  Until I looked a little closer at the deli case and saw a small pile of cut up cheese wheels.  "What kind of cheese?"  I asked.  The guy was nice and told me all of the above - provolone, Italian Table...

So I asked if the provolone was strong and he told me he would give me a sample.  He pulls it out and cuts me off a nice size slice.  I bite into it and it immediately transports me back to Grandma Ida's kitchen table, in the south end of Hartford - circa 1965 - where all of us kids are sitting with Gram stuffing our little faces with - what do you think - a lunch of provolone cheese, spicy hard salami and homemade Italian bread.

I ordered half a pound.  As he was cutting it, I had a brilliant idea and called out and asked if he could slice me a few pieces separately that I could snack on in the car.  He responded "Sure!"  When he came to the checkout, he said, "I cut you a few slices of Italian bread to eat with it also and here's a loaf at no charge also.  I made the bread this morning".


(Of course, that cheat meal was SCREAMING my name.  How can a girl refuse?)




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