Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What a Day!

It's March 20th and topping 70 degrees in New England!  I sat on the beach in my bi-ki-ni bathing costume 
both yesterday AND today.  Lord knows, I needed to sit in the sun and bake after the past 7 months.  Most certainly caught JOY as those sun rays warmed my body. 


I got home from the beach around 3pm and found an email waiting for me that completed my day.

It was from a new client who wanted to tell me,  "...thank you for the work you do...you are a real pro, and a gift to the community as well." 

Are you KIDDING me?  I LOVE this girl!!!!  LOL!!!  And you know what?  It reminds me that we should really go out of our way more often and tell people something good about themselves.  Because no matter how many times you hear it? It always brings you JOY and makes your day.  EVERY TIME!  (Thank you Margaret!)  

And thank YOU Mother Nature...for restoring my soul.


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  1. Great email you received, huh? I agree, we should tell people our good thoughts more often than we do. And 70 in New England? Crazy. Watch out, summer is going to roar in fast.