Saturday, September 24, 2016

Wedded Bliss

Day 3!

So this morning in my 7AM class, someone made a joke about the Newlywed Game show when the contestants were asked where is the weirdest place they have ever made whoopy and 1 contestant answered, "Dat be da butt Bob."  We all were laughing hysterically at the memory and I KNOW I saw it LIVE!!  I have a VIVID memory of it!

Only 1 problem.  When I went to grab the Youtube of it for this blog post?

How is that even possible????  

Apparently it's an urban legend.  WHAT?   I KNOW I saw this.  I know YOU saw it!  Ok - maybe I was mistaken that I saw it live but I KNOW I saw it - like on a re-run or a game show special - but I SAW IT!!  I'm losing my mind.  Google you can lose your mind.

At any rate - we sure caught some JOY laughing about it at 7AM this morning!  And I came up with the great idea to link it with what I did today.  We went to my niece's wedding!  

Newlywed Game - Wedding?  Newlywed Game-Wedding.  That could be a funny blog post?  I know.  I know - it's a stretch...

But here I am all psyched to write a blog post that opens with that Newlywed Game clip.  NOT.

But it didn't ruin my JOY watching THIS girl marry the love of her life and her best friend.  

Day 3 of JOY.

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