Saturday, February 20, 2010

Best Mom in the World

It was winter vacation here in the emerald city and the usual playdates, movies, plays and "Mom, I'm bored"s were all going on non-stop, which happens when you have three kids, 10 and under, on a break from school. I weathered the storm pretty well, if I do say so myself. I'm not exactly at my best during school vacations and that includes SUMMER VACATION. But I'm working on it. (More like scheduling a mother's helper more often - works for me!!!)

Anyway - on Thursday, I had 2 kids out on playdates and my middle child Anthony was home and bored to DEATH begging for entertainment. Now, if you don't know Anthony, he is essentially a blend of Dennis the Menace and Godzilla. Very unfocused, argumentative, wildman, breaks everything, LOUD...but also very streetsmart, extremely adorable and can charm the pants off you.

So, I'm on my way out grocery shopping/running errands and Anthony is begging me to take him along. I'm rolling my eyes at my husband and silently begging him to step up and offer to distract Anthony, while I make a break for it. Long story short, as a lawyer-trained professional, I gave my best argument as to why he shouldn't come with me, emphasizing the "boredom factor"? Not buying it. Sigh - I finally say ok.

Shocked! We actually had a fun afternoon together. He was both helpful and entertaining in the grocery store - especially when he had to purchase a can of hairspray that his aunt let him use over the weekend. You know - so he could style his hair...(He's freaking EIGHT!)

So, we're back in the car and he pipes in from the backseat, "Mom, that was so fun. I wasn't bored at all!" I smile and agree. Then he says, "Mom - you know how you said we were going to have a mommy and me day?" Aghhhh - I said that???? Wasn't this a mommy and me day!? I reluctantly answer "uhuh".

You know what's next - he wants to know when we're doing it. I'm back pedaling. You have to understand - I'm the new 49! I'm tired. I'm not your 36 year old, let's play with the kids all day, kind of Mom! I just can't bear Coco Key or Lasertag or I don't know - Six Flags!!!!! But I get it over with. "Well, what did you have in mind to do?" I ask. (As I cringe and hold my breath.) He says - "Oh, you'll just say no". Ahhhhh - PROBABLY!!!!!! But I dip my toe in the water and encouraged him to tell me.

"Can we go have lunch sometime, inside McDonalds?"

HAAAAA!!!! You can NOT be serious!!

So the best Mom in the world turned the car around and swung into McDonalds. Woohoo! Dodged another one!!!!!

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  1. You're a nut. And you're a wonderful mom. McDonalds and all.