Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Joy of Glasses

My 8 year old son Anthony (you remember? Dennis the Menace?) wears glasses. Well - not exactly. He's "supposed" to wear glasses. Anyone have a child who is "supposed" to wear glasses? If so, then you understand why I characterize it like that. For those not in the know, hmmmm - perhaps because we spend too large a part of our week - looking for glasses, fixing glasses, dropping glasses off at school, asking "why don't you have your glasses on?", digging through a backpack securing the location of glasses, calling the insurance company to order yet ANOTHER pair of glasses, cursing the glasses - get the picture? Last year he went through SEVEN pairs! And I ask myself why the insurance company has limited their benefit to 2 pairs a year in 2010...

But this year, I thought I had outsmarted my son. Now mind you, the insurance company pays for the glasses 100%. What I don't get is why the frame options are the cheesiest, flimsiest (is that a word?)and crappiest (I KNOW that's a word!) you can imagine. It's no wonder they break. So in September, we paid OUT-OF-POCKET, close to $400 for a pair of "child-proof" glasses. They came with a guarantee on breakage so I really felt I had made an intelligent decision. UNTIL HE LOST THEM! Can I just find the joy in this????

So after searching for 2 weeks for the missing glasses, we finally gave up and called the insurance company for our "first" pair this year. Two days later they arrived and 2 days after that, a little boy in my son's classroom found the missing glasses in a drawer filled with marbles, in the classroom. AGHHHHHHHHH.

Ok so Murphy's Law does rule our house and in fact, I predicted this. So I took great joy in my prophetic skills! I took great joy in the fact that we now could have his teacher take his glasses every afternoon and secure their location until the next morning - because we had a spare pair. Life is good!

So yesterday, Anthony had to spend about 7 hours in an intense testing session, which entails much work that requires him wearing his glasses. I can't tell you how much energy went into remembering to send him with his glasses. The test site was a good 45 minutes from home so there was no room for error here! I successfully sent him out the door with glasses on his face and breathed a big sigh of accomplishment (and JOY! I remembered something!!!)

Half way through the day, on the spur of the moment, I decided to be the good wife and drove to the testing office to relieve my husband of the drudgery of sitting in a waiting room (with NO wireless!!!!) for 7 hours. The 3 of us had a great lunch together and now it was my turn to sit in a waiting room for hours. Which really wasn't such a bad thing. 3 hours of uninterrupted reading? I'm feeling the joy!

I sent Anthony in with the test administrator and about 30 minutes later, the administrator comes out and asks me for his glasses. Oh please god, tell me he didn't just ask me that!! I desperately looked at Anthony and asked him where his glasses were. "I gave them to Dad." NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Yup - the glasses were safely enjoying a ride back to the Emerald City. Need I say more?

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