Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Savor the Moment

One day, wayyyy back in 1984, when I was 27 and recently divorced, my friend Tracy gave me a bumper sticker. It read "Catch joy as it flies by". I am now 52 (You know - the new 49?) and I can honestly say my bumper sticker has hung on a wall of every place I have ever lived since. That means it has been with me for 25 years.

Years later, I hit one of life's low points and was whining to my friend Pam about my dis-content. My wise friend shared something her wise friend once told her - that life is filled only with moments, and that you could have 1 moment in a day or 1 moment in a week but you needed to savor that moment because that was all you were getting until the next one came along. I only half listened that day, determined that I would NOT live my life savoring only "moments". I would find a way to have days, weeks, months of extended "moments".

Uhuh - you guessed it - like THAT was happening. What IS it with life? Why was it constantly getting in the way of my plan? What the heck? Was this IT?? The pursuit of "happiness" was a pain in the ASS! When was it all coming together? Why couldn't I hold on to those - gulp - moments?

I look back now and just shake my head and laugh. The answer has been hanging in my face for 25 years - Catch joy as it flies by, Joey. That's all we have - flying moments of joy. If you miss them, you lose.

So now - I seek those moments. Sometimes I miss them completely and sometimes they stay in my heart and I can close my eyes and visit them over and over. Hoping to catch some joy here in this cyber forum. I don't guarantee it in every post, but perhaps we can all catch a little here and there. And maybe, just maybe, hold onto them, even if just for a little while...

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  1. I'de say you're off to a rockin start. Awesome post, poignant reminder. And WOW, didn't know the origin of that bumper sticker and how long you've had it!

    It's the little things...