Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Boys of Summer

It's OFFICIAL!!!!! Baseball season has begun! What, you say??? Baseball began almost 3 weeks ago! Well yea aaaa, Major League (and trust me, my beloved Yankees are kicking ASS!) but I'm talking about Minor League - as in 10 year olds - as in, my 10 year old! As in, my 10 year old who will only wear a #7 baseball uniform shirt - hellooo - Mickey Mantle's number?

I know I have talked about this before but just to review (kind of like school!), my oldest son Michael eats, sleeps and breathes baseball. He talks incessantly about it. He is out in the yard -- batting, pitching and announcing baseball 24/7 -- when he isn't -- practicing, playing or watching the Yankees. And in between? Blah, blah, baseball, blah, pitching, blah, blah, did you see that play, blah, blah, blah, he's a good hitter, blah, blah - baseball, baseball, baseball. Talk about passion! Talk about JOY! That kid knows joy!

Anyway - last night was the first scrimmage of the season. My husband is the coach of Michael's team. Unfortunately, unlike last year, we aren't the Yankees. We are the Dodgers. (At least it's not the Red Sox! Ohhhhh that would have been painful for both father and son!) It was my first opportunity to A) eval how the team looks, B) see how much Michael has improved, and C) reunite with my Yummy Mummys on the hill who loyally watch their sons every game!

A) The team was "ok" - plenty of room for improvement but - we got some talent, baby! B) Michael looked good! 2 hits, 1 run, several great plays from short and he also pitched a nice inning and didn't give up any runs! and C) Sooooo happy to be with the Yummys! They say I'm getting the cheerleading award this year! Apparently, I am very enthusiastic. Come on. This is important stuff! Aren't we supposed to be excited? I cheer when the other team makes a good play too...

So we lost 10-9 but it was fun and it was good for the kids that moved up from instructional, to get out there and be a ballplayer. Plus we got a sneak peek at the competition's pitchers!

All in all, I was happy - until I was half way home and I got the call. "Do you have the keys to the van"? CRAP! I had the keys to the van! Had to drive all the way back to the field to my not so happy husband who was waiting all pissed off patiently to get the hell home. Ooppps...

But you just couldn't steal my joy - no way, no how. My Boys of Summer are back!

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