Sunday, April 18, 2010

Super cala fragalistic expialidocious

WARNING: This is a blog about my kids. (The Three Little Pigs?) If kids bore you? Exit Stage Left.

Well, school vacation is OVER. I made it through! But the only reason I'm sure I made it through in one piece is because my Super cala fragalistic expialidocious sister-in-law, Aunty Annette, picked up Dennis the Menace on Wednesday and didn't return him until today. Wow - can you say ENERGY SHIFT???? It is amazing how different the house is when there are only two kids. JOY!

Now - my Anthony (aka Dennis?) is quite the manipulator. In fact, I am quite sure he will make a great criminal defender. Hell - he'll win the case just because it will be the only way they will be able to SHUT HIM UP!!!! So scary. Aunty Annette has a home just outside the Big City and she lives with 3 other fab women - Sue, Stacy and Kelly plus a few dogs and I think a rabbit! She often takes Anthony for a few days to give the Emerald City some respite from the boy. We could not be more grateful. Thank you Aunty Annette, Sue, Stacy and Kelly!!! JOY!

Dennis came home this morning carrying alotta loot - contributed by all the girls in the house. Hmmmmm - do you think he manipulated his way through the week? He even came home with a RASPBERRY PLANT because he loves raspberries. Helloooooo - Anthony? We have a whole raspberry bed in our yard???? He is now, not only the Mayor of the Emerald City, but also of the Big City. Lord help the earth as he conquers it town by town...

Anthony had two choices this school vacation. He could have stayed home and gone with us to Boston on this Friday past or he could go to Aunty Annette's for 5 days. This is how the conversation went:

"Anthony, do you want to go to Boston with us on Friday or would you rather go to Aunty Annette's for 5 days?"

"What are we doing in Boston?"

"Ummmmm, going to a museum, A LOT of walking, going to see the Paul Revere house, A LOT of walking, ummmmmmm - maybe another museum - did I say we were walking there?"

"Ohhh - definitely Aunty Annette's!" JOY!

Btw - the walking gig? The last visit we made to NYC, we of course, did alot of walking, and everytime Anthony saw a taxi, he stepped off the curb and tried to flag it down - DEAD SERIOUS! We could NOT stop him. Yea - no walking for my Dennis...

Ok - so now about Brooke. Brooke, my baby girl, is 8 years old. This kid is so her father's daughter. Her wit is lighting fast and she is just a really funny kid. I am amazed that an 8 year old could be so quick. The other day she was sitting at the breakfast table and Anthony was calling her repeatedly from the living room. "Brooke." "Brooookkkkkeeee." BROOKE!" Brooke puts her fist up to her mouth like a microphone and says: "Brooke Morman is not at home right now, please leave a message at the tone." She wasn't even trying to be witty. I think that's what made it so funny! JOY.

Anthony brought Brooke a necklace home from Aunty Annette's house. (I have to say - all my kids are always thinking of their siblings when they are out and getting goodies from a store. They always get something for each other - even from the bank when they get a lollipop. I just love that! JOY!) Anyway - so she comes running into my bedroom and says, "MOM! Does this necklace make me look fat?? Ahahahahhahah"

I am telling you - I cracked up. Moment of -- JOY.

Last Brooke story. The other night, the four of us were heading to the movies to see Clash of the Titan: Release the Kraken (whatever the F a Kraken is...)(The Girls went to a tear jerking chick flick) and the kids were annoyingly repeating Release the Kraken! Release the Kraken! Release the Kraken! Enough ALREADY! Well, 5 minutes into the ride, one unnamed family member started having some "gastric" distress and we had to turn around and go home for a quick bathroom break (I knowwww - too much information!). What does Brooke say? "Release the Kraken CRAP!!! Ahahahahahah"

Oy vey - I may be in trouble with this one too...teeny joy?

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