Thursday, May 6, 2010


I got invited to a "Girls Night Out - Cash For Gold" party last week by my friends Karen and Missy. I planned to stop by for a glass of wine but as far as the gold went? Pretty sure I had nothing to sell.

Well, the day TOTALLY got away from me and by 8 at night after Michael's baseball game, I was shot. Skipped the wine and headed straight home.

The next day, I stopped by to see Missy and she was all over me about "not coming" and "how much money I could have made" and "how much money everyone went home with". She went on to tell me that gold was selling for over $1000/ounce and even a little gold chain or bracelet was getting $100 or so. Her best story was that someone brought in a baggy full of old gold jewelry, broken bracelet, single earrings etc and she came away with over $1200!!! Well that perked my ears up! $1200???? I started thinking of what I had in my coffers and remembered a few gold bracelets I never wore - one broken - and I just groaned. Who couldn't have used a couple hundred extra dollars? God, I'm so dumb!

So being the masochist that I am, I went home and dumped all my jewelery boxes out onto my bed and started combing through my millions, pulling out all the gold crap I hadn't worn in forever. Within minutes? I had a whole baggy full. Broken stuff, ugly stuff, lonely earrings...I am SUCH AN IDIOTTTTT!!!!!

So the next day, I mentioned to Missy that I could just slap myself silly about that gold because I had this whole baggy full. She immediately told me to call Karen because she said Karen had come up with some gold jewelery after the party and she thought the women who ran the gold exchange was meeting with her some time this week. I texted Karen and it was TRUE! The next day I dropped my precious baggy off to Karen and the waiting began.

Guess how muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh???!!!!


Joy to the World!!!!!!



  1. Just PLEASE tell me you WON'T spend your $$$ you just made ON GROCERIES!!!!!!! Spend it on YOU!!!!