Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sweet Children O' Mine

Joy today! Yay!

So I really love to take my kids out to breakfast on Sunday mornings. Nooooo - not the go to church and then go to breakfast kind of Sunday morning. Just the breakfast. I am the first to admit that I struggle with motherhood. So when I find something that bonds me to my kids and bonds them to each other, I go for it. Mom, Michael, Anthony and Brooke all sitting in a booth for an hour or so on a Sunday morning is of all things - FUN!

Why wouldn't it be? You ask. Wellllllll - ever try to sit down to a meal with an extremely ADHD child? Not easy. But for some reason, this almost ritualistic activity finally works (Believe me it wasn't always this joyful!). But who am I to question a seemingly normal activity in the life of my family?! Woohoo! And by the way - you see I have not mentioned Dad. He usually puts a few hours in the office on Sunday mornings so me home alone with my 3 kids every Sunday morning? One a complete crazy boy? Ummmm - no. Gotta do something! Hence - Sunday Breakfast!

So yea - it's fun and I can get through pretty much the whole activity without completely flipping out on Dennis. More than once...

But actually, this post isn't about Sunday Breakfast. It's about the ride home today. I knew it was a blog post as soon as it started unfolding. Anthony aka Dennis? asked if he could make a song request from my ipod. Sweet Child O' Mine by Guns and Roses. He loves that song! Honestly - it's not about the lyrics for him. He just loves the sound. But I thought it was an interesting choice considering it came out in - 1987! I mean Anthony was born in 2001! (And this, the same child who LOVES Justin I can't stand you Bieber)

I turn on the song and ALL 3 of my kids start singing - word for word!
So after I pick my teeth up off the floor because I can't believe they all know every word - even my Miss Miley Cyrus fan, Brooke - I couldn't resist jumping in. This is my era for goodness sakes - not theirs!!! (Have I told you I sing like Lucy Ricardo???) So now all 4 of us are racing down the road in my hateful awesome mini van, every window wide open, hair blowing, belting out Axl Rose at the top of our lungs -- collectively making joy!



  1. Very cool.

    And who DOESN'T struggle with motherhood now and then.