Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bitch, Bitch, Bitch

Hey! What's going on? I guess I've been busy because I haven't posted in a week. People are complaining! That's a good thing, right? They like me? Cool!!!!!

Well, I have been consumed. With training my girls, Michael's baseball, my training (running, running, running), Brooke's piano, Brooke's skating, Anthony's school meetings, parties, LAUNDRY. Jiche (Is that a word??? You know - rhymes with quiche? Ahahaha!) I guess there's A LOT going on. Yeaa aaaa - it's MAY. That's what happens in May. Let's look at my schedule:

Tonight - Class at 6, Art Show at the elementary school
Tomorrow - Classes from 5:15AM - 9:30, run 3 miles, eye doctor at 10:45, meeting with Anthony's advocate at 11:30, meeting at elem. school at 12, class at 5:30, baseball game 5:30-8
Friday - Classes 8-10, piano at 4, take kids to play at 6:30, Lia Sophia party whenever (kinda double booked)
Saturday - run 8 miles at 6AM, classes 8-10, baseball game 11-1, skating 1:30-3, party at 5

Oh and then there's:

Tonight, tomorrow, Friday, Saturday - laundry, cooking, cleaning, homework, grocery shopping...are ya getting the picture? Of course you are because every single one of you is in the same boat! We need someone to throw us a freaking lifesaver - you know - A personal flotation device used in water rescue or lifeguarding or LIFE RESCUE!!!!!!!!

(Perhaps this boy can save us!)

And I know I forgot some stuff. But the point is - that's the way the next 6 weeks look! And, I am off the sweets again - as of today. Why? Because I am an addict!! I have been od'ing on sweets and treats. Here I am running 4 days a week totaling 19 miles this week and I am gaining weight. Some trainer - rigghhhttt?!!! Ha! So whatttt! I never said I was perfect. In fact, I think it's the secret to my success with my girls. I'm NORMAL. Not Barbie personal trainer! I'm normal girl personal trainer!

Anyway - I just wanted to tell you something. I had to run 5 miles this morning. Yesterday, it was bothering me all day. Aghhh - 5 miles, agghhh - so early, aghhh - it's going to be raining, aghhh - it's going to be cold, aghhhh - why am I doing this, aghhh - I hate running, aghhh - I don't want to do thissssssss. Hey Wendy Whiner!! STFU. God - I couldn't stand myself! But I was really dreading this!

Robin was coming at 6:55AM. So I set the alarm for 6:26AM (as late as I could make it!) got up, overdressed and met her on the front porch to stretch and bitch. Now - Robin isn't a bitcher so that wasn't any fun!!! Ok people, not feeling the joy...

7:58AM - soaking wet, cold, ROCK STAR!!!!!!!!!! Easy 5 miles, great conversation, no aches and pains, high as a KITE! Now,







Moral of the story? Knock it off! Freaking baby...

PS - Laurel was doing the darn 5 miles in the cold and rain and DARK at 4AM this morning. ALONE! Now she has a reason to whine!

But! I bet she caught some joy - right around 5AM!!!! We missed you Laurel!

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  1. lol... um... yeah.. I'm not seeing the joy. Certainly wouldn't be feeling it.

    But I'm so proud of you girls.