Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Go Yankees!!

Got a text from my friend Missy on Saturday. She wanted to know if we wanted to go to a Yankee game on Monday night. Well - yea aaaa. Only one problem. I have a 6PM class on Monday nights and I had to get up at 4:30AM the following morning to train a 5:15AM class. Not happening. Oh the joy I could have experienced...

But then I started to think "out of the 9 dot square", as my International Marketing professor used to say. Hmmm - could I cancel that 6PM class and make it up to them? I thought long and hard, came up with a few options for a makeup class, dug deep to erradicate the guilt and responsibility I felt to my clients and finally decided that if I could get a babysitter? I would DO it!

Enter Aunty Annette. Remember her?? From a few blog posts back? I asked. She delivered. I re-scheduled. And I even got braver and canceled my 5:15AM class for the following morning! Afterall, everyone knows you don't get home from a night game in the Bronx before 2AM. That would only be 2.5 hours sleep. Aghhhhhhh! I felt the guilt but I also knew it would be such a great night.

So - I saw my beloved Yankees! It was like seeing my lover after a long absence. I was so thirsty. Everything fell into place perfectly. The weather was outstanding, the company was a blast and speaking of thirst, the champagne and the beers flowed. (Not much of a beer drinker but I managed to pour a little of both down my throat!) And the Yankees beat the Orioles 4-1. It was the best kiss! Of course, if it had been the Red Sox we beat...well - we won't go there right now!

It was a joyful night. I stayed in the moment and soaked up every second. And guess what??? We arrived home 2 hours ahead of schedule and I got 5 hours sleep! It just couldn't have gone any better!

BTW - did I mention that at the game, I had a piece of toilet paper trailing out of the waistband of my pants after leaving the restroom? Oh yea - that's me. Well at least you know I line the seat when I use a public toilet!!? Righttt??? Toilet paper, chapstick, toilet paper, chapstick - so damn blonde...but guess what? You gotta laugh at yourself! Woohoo - catching joy!

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