Sunday, August 19, 2012

An Odds and Ends Weekend Catching JOY

Sometimes, the oddest things happen in life.

Friday I took the three little you know whats, shoe shopping.  THAT is a story in and of itself but anyway - we stopped in to meet my little Thomas who I want to marry when I grow up.  Because any guy with those eyes needs to be adored by me till death do us part!  Oh how he brought me JOY that morning!!!

Or perhaps mini-me should be a cougar and marry Thomas!!!  Hmmmmm...what's 10 years?

Then we headed out for the dreaded school shopping.  I needed a break mid-way through our torture day and guess where we ended up?  

 You remember Beach Donuts!  So while we were there (Oh - BTW - they made me my Lemon Delight donut - MADE it for me - while I waited!!!!) I mentioned to the girl behind the counter that I loved the place so much that I put them in my blog.  She was so excited and ran out back to to tell the owner.  He was very busy and she wanted me to wait for him but I didn't want to bother him so I left with donuts and iced coffee in hand.

Well - lo and behold, guess where we ended up this morning?  It was Sunday morning and the whole Brady Bunch climbed into our teeny Ford Ranger pickup truck with the fishing rods in the back and headed to the shore for a stop at a flea market for a look see, Beach Donuts for you know what, Sal D's at Clinton Harbor Marina for egg sandwiches and then off to fish for a few hours down at the Clinton Beach bridge.

We walk into Beach Donuts and there are like 30 people in line ahead of us.  DID THEY ALL READ MY BLOG!!!!???????  LOL!!!

Here's the "oddest things happen in life" tie-in.  So it's finally almost my turn and I hear the girl behind the counter (not the one from Friday) say to a customer, "Oh and someone even mentioned us in their blog and on facebook."  I picked my teeth up off the floor started laughing and said, "Hey!  That's MY blog!!!"  It was a very funny moment.  And she admitted it was the first time she had said that to anyone.  What are the chances?

Anyway - looked and found JOY this morning.  

We are so lucky to live so close to all this beauty.  I can't imagine living so deep inland that the shore is not just 15 minutes away...

I stupidly forgot my book.  My family was fishing so I had to entertain myself.  Catch THIS!!

HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!  This poor guy parked his car here long before the tide came in.  Oooopssss!!!!

BAAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!  Guess he was going to be surprised.  Hope it didn't go much higher...

Here's Gadabout Gaddis untangling yet another rod...story of his fishing life with the 3 little pigs...

Ah the TORTURE JOY of fishing.  That's why I bring a book and camera!

That's all folks!  Off to dinner with one of my BFFs!

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  1. Nice the Morman family caught some "joy"! And man those doughnuts are soooooo good!!!!