Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Field trip today!!!

I decided to take my three little pigs kids out to breakfast - MY favorite thing to do with my kids...except when one culprit spills his brother's cranberry juice - ALL OVER Mom!

But that was last month.  This month - no mis-haps.  Phew...

Then the 4 of us took the journey to Simsbury to hike up to the Heublein Tower!

Rain and gloom accompanied us all the way up Talcott Mountain but it was still worth it.  The views were amazing!

As we descended the mountain, the pigs kids nagged asked me if we could go to the mall.  Ummm?  Soaking wet???  When my almost 13 year old stated that he had never been to a mall - eeeek!!!!  I donned the ole baseball hat and agreed to take them.  HURRAYYYYYY - we love you Mom!!!  You're the best!!!  Wahoo!!! The Mallllllllll!!!!!  We're going to the MALL!!!!!  JOY JOY JOY!!!  (theirs or mine? - eeek!!!)

Seriously?  Never been to the mall?????  What?  Do we live under a rock for goodness sake???

Yea - seriously.  Anthony wanted to go "window" shopping.  Sureeeeeee you do...

$140 later...eeek!!!!!

But before the mall, I needed to stop and catch ME some JOY.  Penzeys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WHAT?  You don't know about Penzey's!!!!!  O-M-G.

So, I love great food.  I enjoy cooking great food.  But I was never one to spend a fortune on spices and herbs.  I use my home grown fresh in the summer and bought the CVS cheapest of both when I needed to refresh.  Pashaw!  Refresh??????

Penzeys has given  a whole new meaning to "refresh".

Last winter, my client Peggy D. over-purchased at Penzeys and brought in cinnamon and oregano to share with her strength class friends.  I will NEVER buy another brand of cinnamon or dried oregano again.  IN FACT - I am quickly slowly replacing all my herbs and spices with Penzeys.  You cannot believe it until you have tried it.  I sprinkle cinnamon on my greek yogurt in the morning and one day, I ran out of Penzeys and used what was left in the drawer from what seemed to be a fairly good brand.

Do you catch my drift?  Dirt, I say!  DIRT!!!!  It was HORRIBLEEEEEEE!!!!!

Anyway - I JOYfully stocked up!

So - all in all - it was a really fun day.  Caught many moments of you know what.  We had a great breakfast with funny moments, we went for a great hike, I got my Penzeys fix, we went to the mall...and as I listened to the pigs - I mean kids - blabbing in the car on the way home as they held tightly to their new back to school goodies, this is what I heard.

"mallmallmallmallmallmallmalletcetcetcmallmallmall" and this:

"Haaaaa!!!  LOL!!!!!!!  Dad's gonna ask what we did today and we're all gonna say, WE WENT TO THE MALL!!!!  Seems like that hike was so longggg ago..."  Yup - they caught JOY today.  No doubt about it.  The mall...who knew????


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  1. You crack me up. And never been to the mall? That's amazing, and impressive, hope I never go again, but I get it. And that countryside shot is beautiful, where in the heck is that?
    Sounds like they found a big load of JOY, which means you did too.