Saturday, August 11, 2012

Today's the DAY!!!

Today's the day, kittens!  What day, you say?  THE day!  THE day I return to blogging!!!!  And why today?

I have NO idea.  All I know is, I woke up inspired and THAT is a good thing.

I have not posted since May 1st.  3 months and 11 days.  Does that mean I haven't caught JOY in those 103 days?  Hell NO!  JOY is around me and when I reach for it, it is there waiting for me.  The trick is in the reaching!  Haven't I told you that before?  Silly kittens!!!!

I've actually been in the oddest place since coming home from the greatest vacation in 3 years!  We spent a week back down in the Outer Banks.  My husband and I have been frequenting Cape Hatteras Island since 1996.  We stumbled on this little complex of beachfront cottages on a blustery March day when we were out for a "ride" - ummm - well, we actually had a week off and decided to get in the car and drive and that was where we ended up!

And this is our front yard.

The moment I set eyes on the front "yard" - energy shift!!!!  

It honestly does not get much better than this.  I immediately went into vacation mode.  Set up the beach chairs, opened the book and there I sat for 7 straight days - literally from sunup to past sundown.  Heaven!  I say!!!  HEAVEN!  And of course JOY.  Caught it for 7 straight days.  

But back to the "oddest place".  Usually when I return from a great vacation, I definitely go through a grieving period.  Not so much this time.  But I do feel in limbo - like I'm waiting for something before I can get back in the proverbial "swing".  Could it beeeeeeee - SCHOOL STARTING????????

Why YES - I think it is!  I DO believe I have had enough and it is time for them to go.  I love the three little pigs - but not 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 2 straight months!!!  I was dreading the summer as  I have a "bit" of a verbal fighting problem with my 11 year old.  We are like oil and vinegar - or is that oil and water?  (I don't know - I get those sayings all messed up these days.)   I have done a pretty good job keeping it together but quite frankly - I'm DONE!!!!!  Bring it ON Middle School!!!!!  

Not to beat a dead horse to death (or is that Beat a dead horse with no "to death" on the end?  LOL!), but seriously?  Why are they in the house when they have 65 acres and a beautiful Hollywood cement pond to play in?  Are you kidding me?????  Whining away about how bored they are or fighting with each other non-stop or each watching 1 of three stupid bitch boxes.  Seriously!  Do we really need three tvs and do they really need to be on all day?????  Every day?????  I'm exhausted!!!!!!!  Ah yes - beating that dead horse TO DEATH!!!!

But I am catching JOY.  Among other activities, I have been bringing them and their friends to the beach regularly and they are old enough to go off and stay out of my hair so I get a mini vacation in my beach chair - book in hand.  

Speaking of...

Shadow of Night!!!!!  It is the sequel to Discovery of Witches.  I loved it!  It's a big ole fat book that kept me busy for my whole beach vacation.  If you have the opportunity - read the first and then the second.  Can't wait for the third.  Some people do not agree with me but I miss the characters and can't wait for the last book.  Definitely enJOYed this one.

I had a reading block for many months in 2012.  I FINALLY started reading again and I am back to loving it.  I read 2 Dan Brown books and now I'm reading a Ken Follett book which I am loving.  Never read Follett before.  So reading JOY is back.

Oh!  Oh!  And guess what?  I had new bloodwork after 4 months doing exactly what my naturopath said to do and guess what?  Perfect bloods.  ANDDDD I dropped 10 of the 15 pounds I woke up with one morning back 2 plus years ago...ummmm - yeaaa aaaa - that be JOY!!!!  

Part of the above-mentioned JOY is coming up with and sharing recipes with clients and friends who are into the no carb, high fat, moderate protein lifestyle I have come to know and love over the last 6 months.  Look for recipes in the coming weeks as I post regularly again.  That is a challenge I am making.  To post daily - if only a small plop of a post.  Let's see what I have to say!

One last thing before I really bore the ever loving crap out of you.  I caught some JOY way back June 8th of this summer.  I was going through my emails one morning and opened one to find a surprise. Here is part of the email:

I just clicked on Trish ********'s links and came across you blog, "Catch the Joy as it passes by".  I totally enjoyed reading a few entries this morning.  It is inspirational, intelligent, as well as entertaining.  I read about the elderly lady and taxi driver, and watched the video on the 911 boatlift.  I thought, I need to read more stuff like this every morning!!! I kept reading, and stopped after the entry about provolone/table cheese, and Italian bread, and thought, oh Lord,  she loves that "pungent" stuff just like me!!!, Is this blogger Italian???  hmmm "Grandma Ida's" ??, So,. Hartford?? is she from CT?  Then I saw the name "Joey", and wondered, "'Who can this 'Joey?' be?"... CONTACT THE TRAINER!!! Mystery solved, you're cousin Bobby's wife!!!

How cool is THAT?!!!!!!!  She lives in Japan.  I'm global!!!

So -- see you sooner, kittens - with some better "joy stuff"!

PS - This post is dedicated to my college friend Judy who's parting words last week were "I'll be looking for the JOY"



  1. Welcome back!

    I totally love spending vacations anywhere on the Outer Banks. Your little Hatteras beach house sounds like someplace I should investigate for next time ... care to share the details?

  2. Yes you did enjoy reading that big fat book on your beach chair! I particularly enjoyed watching the young men doing their thing on the skim boards!!!

  3. Wew!! I'm out of breath reading that. Talk about pentup blogging, it's like you were let out of jail and you only had 3 minutes to tell us all this stuff, lol, and it made me laugh. You're spreading joy again. Great.