Monday, August 13, 2012

Little JOY


Have I told you how much JOY I am catching just because I started blogging again?  Little JOY but nevertheless - JOY.  It's really quite fascinating.  I am looking for JOY instead of feeling JOYless and whining that life is a drag.  I sense a lesson here...

But enough of the spiritual stuff.  Let's talk donuts.

YES!  Donuts.  Did I ever tell you how much I love donuts?  I would almost get pregnant again just to be able to eat endless amounts of donuts.  

Ummm - No I wouldn't.  

You thinking I'm that f'ing crazy???!!!

But - I DID eat endless amounts of donuts when I was pregnant with my daughter and now I own my very own sweet tooth kid - who LOVES donuts.  In fact, we bond over sweets.  And you know I'm not supposed to eat sugary treats but if it means a bonding moment, then I'm going for it.  THREE times this weekend and the spare tire around the middle to prove it.

Beach Donut Shop in Clinton?  OMGGGGGGGGGG.  Yesterday we had a bonding moment there.  We went in for an iced coffee and came out with these.  D'OH.

 I even went really off the grid and ordered something I've never had before.  Me!  The purist - who always orders glazed or the like.  This is a Lemon Cream and it was AMAZING!!!!!

Speaking of iced coffee, I was on Pinterest last week - don't ask if you don't know what Pinterest is - and there was this GREAT idea!  I drink an iced coffee every summer afternoon and Pinterest had this "pin" about freezing coffee into ice cubes and using them in your iced coffee.  GENIUS!!!!!!! 

So I order an iced coffee at Beach Donut Shop and the girl tells me they use frozen coffee cubes in their iced coffee.   I sucked that baby down!  With melted cubes to spare!!

There are no coincidences!!!!  And talk about JOY!!!!!

So that's my boring blog for today but I'm 3 for 3!!!!

OH - almost forgot.  Going back to that spiritual beginning - Brooke and I continued our journey from the donut shop to Shop-rite (you know - the place that always wants to give me my senior discount - grrrrr) and found THIS already!!!!  What the H*LLLLLLLL!!!!!!!  It's the most wonderful time of the year!  School is starting!!!  Not Halloween!!!!

But we caught JOY because the discussion at home last week was how soon are they gonna put out the Halloween candy!!!!  HAD to take the picture and text it to my oldest son - the holiday kid.  See?  Looking for JOY!  I gotta can this concept!!!!  I think I'm on to something...hmmmmmm.


  1. Snickers????!!!! You should have posted ALMOND JOYS!!!!! Now there's some joy for ya!!

    That lemon donut was oooozing with lemony filling....YUM!!!!

  2. I have never stopped at that place, but you are atleast the third person I've heard rave about it! I guess I'll stop in!....