Thursday, January 27, 2011

And The Week Isn't OVER

This week is crazy. We've had two snowstorms in 2 days - one a snowmagedden. We have 3 feet on the ground. I do not recall ever having 3 feet on the ground! Amongst the craziness, this week I:

Went to a fitness seminar
talked w/Lori Bootcamp non-stop for 1.5 hours each way
learned something about home insurance
moaned about being very sore
reveled in being very sore
washed even more bedding
made soup
trained beautiful women
played scrabble
texted with my lovies
worked out
woke up to an unexpected snowstorm
ate hershey kisses
canceled too many classes
yelled at my kids
shoveled snow
did I mention washed more bedding
bought a new microwave
did I mention Scrabble
had coffee "and", with Diane
ate quiche
didn't read - sniff
cleaned closets and drawers
laughed with Lynn
did I mention hershey kisses
discovered beautiful, inspiring blogs
watched 2 beautiful snow storms
laundry, laundry, laundry
kissed my dog ALOT
went back to using a paper calendar
made yummy shrimp tacos
worked on my relationship with my cat
worked out again
washed drapes
complained about school snowdays
missed someone
saw TWO pileated woodpeckers
found a new wrinkle
was grateful
laughed at myself
had a long discussion inside my head
contemplated my reading hiatus
watched my beloved Parenthood
more laundry
pretended to love a new wrinkle

Just stuff...
and of course, I caught joy!

PS - Joy is beginning to spread. I will blog about that soon. But know that my friends are starting to connect me with joy! And you know what? I think - they might be catching some as a result. My friend Joan sent me this pic and message the other day:

This is for you, Joey...I just realized the napkins I bought for the Parent-Child Dance were made for you! Check it out!

And you know I caught joy from that!


  1. What a week, Joey! You sure did spread the 'Joy'. I just came in from shoveling and reading your blog always puts a smile on my face! =)

  2. everyday joy - the stuff life is made of !
    Happy Thursday !

  3. Dear Joey - what a wonderful, joyful post. I love your list. . . from laughing and loving to eating quiche, it oozes with joy. (Now, I hope I don't get an error message that says there were conflicting edits and that my comment vaporized!)

  4. You could go ahead and send some of that snow over to Colorado!!

    JOYous!! post


  5. There's one more I wish you could of added to your list.... eating gelato with me!!!!!!!! Sadly, the coconut is gone, (sniff).

    LOVE the post! XX

  6. Life is good!.... and there is definitely joy in coconut gelato mixed with Dark Chocolate CHunk, Lynn. Thanks for the suggestion!

  7. Ha! That list is tremendous.

  8. "pretended to love a new wrinkle"

    Oh, I am laughing! I know EXACTLY what you mean! Other than Botox, what can we do?