Sunday, January 2, 2011

JOY in 2010

So, you haven't seen me in a while and this is what I feel about that: FAIL.

I lurk on so many blogs and the bloggers are soooo good about posting regularly - some, every day! While I doubt I will ever do that, I resolve to post more often in 2011.

Sadly, I must admit, I wasn't catching a lot of joy in the last week or so. I won't go into it, but I did decide to find some by creating the below video. These are some joy moments captured on film in 2010. Some I captured personally. Others I stole. But know that they all brought me a moment of joy.

I hope you enJOY it, because it took FOREVER to get it right enough to post! I am not ecstatic about how it came out, but after many hours of experimenting with different programs and photos, I contentedly (is that a word?) settled for this. I hope you all have an awesome 2011 and thanks for reading about my joy. It's what keeps me writing.

PS - Our local news station did a Year in Review to this song by Brandi Carlile. Just so you know, I thought of it FIRST!

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  1. FINALLY, a new post! I see it!!! I see it! LOVE this video J!