Tuesday, January 18, 2011

When You Believed in Everything

I found this image on someone's blog this morning. I can't quite recall when I believed in everything. Sometimes a wisp of recall floats by but when I reach out to grasp it - POP - like a bubble.

A few weeks ago, I posted this pic on Facebook.
It stirred something in me. First of all, the glass was the color that the universe invented for me I absolutely love. Ask anyone who knows me well and they will concur. That is Joey's color - right next to cornflower and periwinkle and morning glory.

Secondly (is that a word?! I'll have to check my online Scrabble game dictionary), it is photographed at my most favorite place on earth - by the sea.

And lastly (is that a word??? Dictionary!), I think "believe" may be what I'm searching for. Not in the theological sense, mind you. (That is for a whole other discussion that I doubt you will see on this blog. You know - politics and religion and all that!) No - it's simpler, I think. Just to believe I am where I am supposed to be.

So, the other night I was in the front passenger seat of my car and my purse was at my feet. We left Chuck's wake (which was incredibly sad) and had stopped for a late dinner. I was waiting for my husband to take the wheel after leaving the restaurant. (If you are my kids, you will roll your eyes because we are ALWAYS waiting for that! It's my inside joke with them. How long will we wait for Dad? How many times will he walk back into the house before he finally thinks he hasn't forgotten anything, gets behind the wheel and the house is safely behind us!?)

Anyway - I look down and I see a glint of gold in my pocketbook. This puzzled me because I had just switched purses (which may be the only time I do know everything that is in that endless pit of crap.) and I couldn't think what was gold in there. I dug through the very important possessions crap and found this. Huh? I had never laid eyes on this before. Enter Twilight Zone music - for 5 seconds anyway.

Then I remembered that my sister-in-law had mentioned to me, that she had a stone with "believe" on it. Obviously she had dropped it in my purse when I wasn't looking. Isn't that so sweet? Thank you Paula! Love you!

Then I got home from shopping the other day and found this email:

I couldn't find one in blue glass, but I did find ONE! I'll give it to you next week.


WOW! Kinda cool, huh?!

Wisps of joy...


  1. Yay!!! You have a new post! Well, I guess I too need to hold my "Believe" stone you gave me very tightly to help me get through this winter! Knowing that Spring will indeed come... AND "believe" these children will get back to school!!


  2. Love that, Jo! You have some great believers behind you!!! =)

  3. and.. these are clearly believers in YOU.